Car Seat Headrest ‘s Last Album Review

Car Seat Headrest  Album – In mid-2020, this band had released their 12th album entitled Making A Door Less Open. However, after one year, it turns out that Car Seat Headrest is still not finished in processing all the potential that exists from the album. In the middle of this year, Car Seat Headrest is finally back with a new work that still carries the spirit and energy they got from their 12th album.

The new spirit and energy referred to by Car Seat Headrest are present in a mini album containing their songs on the 12th album which were remixed by Will Toledo and his colleagues in Car Seat Headrest as well as several other musicians’ names, such as Superorganism, Scuba, and Dntel. In the mini-album titled MADLO: Remixes, Car Seat Headrest released 5 songs so that their fellow musicians could bring different interpretations and give new life to their music.

Car Seat Headrest will Toledo

Besides releasing MADLO: Remixes, Car Seat Headrest also released a mini album cover. In the mini-album, Will Toledo and his band members at Car Seat Headrest sing back the songs that inspired him to write material for Making A Door Less Open. For this mini-album, Car Seat Headrest released 4 cover songs consisting of David Bowie’s Golden Years, Substitute from The Who, Nine Inch Nails’ March Of The Pigs, and Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. The two mini-albums by Car Seat Headrest have been officially released and available on various music streaming services since the end of last June.

Talking about the 12th album Car Seat Headrest, it is known from the making of the album Making a Door Less Open, that Car Seat Headrest has started working on the basic material since 2015. Even when they had not joined under the auspices of Matador Records. At the beginning of his work, Will Toledo wanted to make a song with an electro-pop feel for Car Seat Headrest. However, the process was finally delayed and finally, it could only be realized in 2018.

Will Toledo also stated that the latest album from Car Seat Headrest is quite influenced by various genres that currently dominate the music industry, such as EDM, hip hop, futurism, doo-wop, soul, and rock and roll. The influence of the music industry also presents the uniqueness of the different tracklist sequences in each format of this album, both from LPs, CDs, and streaming formats. This is because Car Seat Headrest focuses on capturing listeners who prefer to listen to random songs. So, every song in this album has its own strength.

Containing 11 songs, the album Making a Door Less Open is also new work from the collaboration between Car Seat Headrest and Matador Records after approximately 5 years together. For his latest album, the process of making Car Seat Headrest material is quite influenced by the musicality offered by 1 Trait Danger.

1 Trait Danger is a side project with an electronic pop feel by Will Toledo and Car Seat Headrest drummer, Andrew Katz. This influence brought new nuances to Car Seat Headrest as well as another reason for Car Seat Headrest to record an album with relatively new material. The reason is, in the production of albums, Car Seat Headrest often includes their old songs which were first released as freelance singles.

As ammunition to promote their new album, Car Seat Headrest has been recorded to have released four singles, including a song called Hollywood, Martin, Can’t Cool Me Down, and the last one released at the end of 2020 is There Must Be More Than Blood. To present uniqueness in the release of the fourth single from the album Making a Door Less Open, Car Seat Headrest chose to release There Must Be More Than Blood in an acoustic video clip format. Carrying the theme of self-isolation, in the video clip, Will Toledo is seen wearing a mask playing guitar in his room or home studio.

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Released as the 12th album, Making a Door Less Open is the latest work from Car Seat Headrest since the last album released in 2018, titled Twin Fantasy (Face to Face). Being dubbed as one of the most productive modern rock bands, this tradition has been carried out by Will Toledo since he built Car Seat Headrest as his solo music project. During the summer of 2010, a total of four albums were released by Car Seat Headrest.

At the time, Will Toledo had just graduated from high school and was waiting to take lessons as a student. After releasing the first four albums for Car Seat Headrest, Will Toledo decided to continue his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. In his first semester as a student, Will Toledo re-released his work for Car Seat Headrest. This time it comes in an EP format entitled Sunburned Shirts EP.

The EP released by Car Seat Headrest when Will Toledo was a freshman was the basis for his fifth album entitled My Back Is Killing Me Baby and was released independently in 2011. In 2012, Car Seat Headrest was first performed in a full band format. . This time, Will Toledo is assisted by his college friends Katie Wood, Austin Ruhf, and Christian Northover. The relationship between the four students eventually resulted in a live album entitled Live at WCWM. Although he succeeded in producing a joint work, in fact, Will Toledo did not continue to work with his three colleagues.