5 New Pop Punk Songs Hits in Mid 2021

Although pop-punk is often considered as one of the nostalgic music genres in the alternative realm, it turns out that there are still many pop-punk music activists who are already veterans and new ones who continue to produce interesting works. This is evidenced in the middle of 2021, which shows the stretching of pop-punk musicians with enthusiasm to introduce their new songs.

In this article, the new songs from the pop-punk scene come from names that you may not know to a line of musicians who have gained popularity in the mainstream music industry. In the western states, the trend for the release of new pop-punk music is usually present to welcome the summer that falls in the middle of every year. This trend is still being carried out by several pop-punk musicians along with the new songs they release.

Barricades – Action/Adventure

Action/Adventure was born as a pop-punk band that tries to be a differentiator in the pop-punk revival scene which is still booming several years ago. This pop-punk band chose to take musical inspiration from a mix of hardcore and pop-punk music, just like what Drive-Thru Records had done.

Identical to calling for a social theme with straightforward melodic music playing, these characteristics can still be heard in the single titled Barricades, which will be released in 2021. The straightforward impression that surrounds pop-punk music is evidenced by its duration which only runs for 59 seconds. In writing a short song, this pop-punk band spent quite a long time in the process of making it so that the delivery of the message is effective and does not leave questions for music lovers.

Control Freak – Doll Skin

Being a member of the Hopeless Records family since 2019, Doll Skin seems to have no other reason to stop exploring and experimenting with their music. This pop-punk band from the United States also released a song called Control Freak in 2021. This new pop-punk song in 2021 comes with a dark feel, making it an interesting number to listen to in the midst of pop-punk music that is synonymous with passion and joy.

Rainwalk – Pinkshift

For those of you who grew up or really liked listening to pop-punk songs during the My Chemical Romance and Paramore boom in the mid-2000s, Pinkshift could be one of the new pop-punk musicians that you can monitor their progress. This pop-punk band, which is getting enough attention in 2020, has just released its first EP this year entitled Saccharine.

One of the singles titled Rainwalk which was taken from the pop-punk band’s debut EP was considered an interesting number to listen to. Not only managed to combine two styles of pop-punk music typical of My Chemical Romance and Paramore, but Pinkshift also embeds a little touch of indie-punk that managed to make their music seem more modern and in tune with current music developments.

My Ex’s Best Friend (ft. Blackbear) – Machine Gun Kelly

Since his collaboration with Travis Barker came to the fore at the end of 2019, Machine Gun Kelly seems to be serious about changing the direction of his music, which was previously known to be on the hip hop line and is now entering the realm of pop-punk. The seriousness of working in the pop-punk scene was shown by Machine Gun Kelly by releasing an album in 2020 entitled Tickets To My Downfall.

Even though the album is almost a year old, Machine Gun Kelly is still promoting pop-punk works in 2021. One of them is the release of the single My Ex’s Best Friend (ft. Blackbear) which is also taken from the fifth album in the dynamic career of a Machine Gun Kelly. The thick pop-punk characteristics are also present thanks to the help of Travis Barker who sits as a producer on the album.

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Good 4 U – Olivia Rodrigo

Although Olivia Rodrigo is not a musician who came from the pop-punk scene, one of the songs on her debut album, Good 4 U, is beautifully packaged with a touch of pop-punk characteristics that is unique and also full of enthusiasm. Being on the mainstream track, Olivia Rodrigo managed to raise the prestige of pop-punk music by having perched on the top position for the Billboard Hot 100 chart for quite a long time.

The inclusion of Olivia Rodrigo’s pop-punk song on the Billboard list proves that pop-punk music has a broad listener base and can also be enjoyed by listeners on a broad spectrum of other music.