Tom Morello on EDM Music Genre in 2021

EDM Music – As a musician who is considered a legend, Tom Morello is still trying to develop his musical views and knowledge over time. One of the steps often taken by the founder of Rage Against The Machine is to stay active on social media in discovering new things related to the world of music.

A few months ago, Tom Morello had expressed his admiration for a punk unit consisting of teenage girls named The Linda Lindas. This admiration was proven by Tom Morello through an upload on his personal Twitter account. Tom Morello had time to re-upload the video of The Linda Lindas action by adding the caption “song of the day” on his Twitter account. Meanwhile, this time, Tom Morello has just announced his interest in the electronic dance music genre or better known as EDM.

tom morello on edm

In recognizing the uniqueness offered by EDM music, Tom Morello went directly to collaborate with an EDM group called Bloody Beetroots. The EDM duo invited to collaborate by Tom Morello is an Italian electronic musician couple. It is undeniable that the EDM music scene is quite popular on the European continent and is the right step for Tom Morello to get to know EDM more deeply. The collaboration between Tom Morello and the Italian EDM duo has been presented in a split album which was released on June 18, 2021. This creative initiative by Tom Morello and Bloody Beetroots adds to the list of collaborations carried out by the founder of Rage Against The Machine in 2021, which began in February. In early 2021, Tom Morello had helped The Pretty Reckless as a collaborator for his single, And So It Went.

This split album, which was just released less than a month ago by Tom Morello and Bloody Beetroots, comes with the title The Catastrophists. Tom Morello and the Italian EDM music duo collaborated to produce 7 songs. To welcome its release, Tom Morello and Bloody Beetroots also released a single titled Radium Girls. The single is the second single released by Tom Morello with Bloody Beetroots from the split album The Catastrophists. Previously, Tom Morello had also released another collaboration single titled Weather Strike. The collaboration single is the result of the creativity poured out by Tom Morello and the phenomenal punk music unit from Russia, Pussy Riot.

For the single Radium Girls produced by Tom Morello and Bloody Beetroots, there is also the figure of Nadya Tolokonnikova from Pussy Riot. In addition, in the second single from the split album The Catastrophists, Tom Morello and Bloody Beetroots also featured the names of other female punk and rock musicians, such as Mish Barber-Way from White Lung, Aimee from The Interrupters, and Delila Paz as representatives. from The International. It is known personally that Tom Morello does respect what Nadya Tolokonnikova, Mish Barber-Way, Aimee, and Delila Paz do both in the music and social spheres. For single Radium Girls itself is a song that tells a tragic true story. Tom Morello explained that Radium Girls is a song that invites people to remember the horrific events of young factory workers in Illinois who were victims of one of the most heinous crimes in American industrial history.

This pathetic story is not only told through songs alone. Tom Morello also released a music video for the song Radium Girls and served as a director in the video clip. The expertise outside of music that is owned by Tom Morello is no longer a secret. Tom Morello is considered as someone who is active and productive enough to develop knowledge both for himself and the surrounding environment. So it’s not strange if Tom Morello develops his potential as a creative person to act as a director for a video clip of a song he composed himself. In addition, Tom Morello also had time to express his creativity in the comic book medium in 2011.

This comic project carried out by Tom Morello is an invitation and initiation that comes from Dark Horse Comics. In the international comic industry, many already know that Dark Horse Comics is an independent comic publisher known for collaborating with other creative industry activists and in 2011, the independent comic publisher chose Tom Morello, who is known to be active in the social sphere. This project between Tom Morello and Dark Horse Comics resulted in a comic book concept that aligns with Tom Morello’s values. For Dark Horse Comics, Tom Morello managed to write the story for the comic titled Orchid.

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This comic or graphic novel written by Tom Morello is set in a time and place in the future. Broadly speaking, Tom Morello tells the story of the struggle for injustice in the world that has been going on for a long time and is rooted to make the future of humanity dark. Besides Tom Morello, Dark Horse Comics also invited several activist groups in the social sphere to help with the writing process carried out by Tom Morello. This collaboration is presented so that Tom Morello as the main writer can present a rich story and have elements relevant to what is happening in the world at that time to be represented as a picture of the future if the social order is not immediately addressed. – EDM Music.