Atom Presonus Review, Help You as Electronic Song Writer

Atom Presonus Pad Controller

Atom Presonus is one of the newest Presonus products which is very good for music production or live performance. A total of 16 highly sensitive Velocity and Pads, 21 buttons, and four knobs in a solid 8×8-inch box. Atom Presonus’s price is not too expensive because it was released at a price of 149 USD. …

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Paramore Band, Announces Exclusive Tour in America

Parmore Band Tour in America

Paramore Band will return to hold an exclusive tour of the United States. This is their first appearance on stage since 2018. Paramore will be performing in October 2022 with 12 special shows, marking their live performance after more than 4 years of hiatus. Hayley, Taylor, and Zac Farro will stop at theaters in North …

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Megadeth with Night Stalkers as New Song on New Album

Megadeth Night Stalkers

Megadeth Night Stalkers – The legendary band Megadeth has just released a song called Night Stalkers. In this song, they perform with Ice-T, the hip-hop musician, and actor behind the rap-metal act Body Count. Night Stalkers is taken from Megadeth’s latest album, The Sick, the Dying, and the Dead! The release of this song continues …

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Universal Audio Apollo Twin, Audio Interface Review

Universal Audio Apollo Twin

Universal Audio Apollo Twin – For audiophiles, the name Universal Audio is one that doesn’t need to be introduced. This company, which has been in the recording industry since the late 50s, has long been present among sound engineers with a good track record. Not only in the world of analog recording, but Universal Audio has …

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Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy for Metal Music?

Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy for metal

Wich Bass Amp Should I Buy – In my personal view, the role of a bassist and his instruments in metal music is like the cement that holds all the bricks together in a building. It might be a little weird to analogize architecture to music, but that’s how I feel. Without a strong “glue”, a …

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FINNEAS Billie Ellish, Share New Single Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa

FINNEAS Billie Ellish - Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

FINNEAS Billie Ellish a Singer, songwriter, and producer FINNEAS has shared a new song called Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa. This new single was released on July 15, 2022, and the artwork was done specifically and exclusively by the United States director, Gus Van Sant. The song is an early follow-up to FINNEAS’ debut solo album …

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Head in the Clouds Jakarta Festival to be held on December 3-4

Head in the Clouds Jakarta Festival

Head in the Clouds Jakarta – 88rising officially announced that Head in the Clouds Jakarta will be held this year. Through posts on social media, they announced that the music festival will take place over two days in early December 2022. “88RISING is proud to announce HEAD IN THE CLOUDS JAKARTA! December 3 & 4 at …

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BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal Review

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal – Since its appearance in 1978, the BOSS DS-1 effect has often been present in the pedal board series of guitar legends, from Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani to Kurt Cobain. After more than 30 years on the market and still sticking with its shape and performance, many say that the …

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Tom Morello Guitar Effects, Let’s See…

Tom Morello Guitar Effects

Tom Morello Guitar Effects – One of the legacies of the founder of Rage Against The Machine is when on stage Tom looks like someone who already has the title “bulletproof.” It’s a bit silly to say that parable, but I’m sure when Tom meets for a jam session with a virtuoso guitarist like Steve …

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Super Junior Will Concert in Indonesia September 17

Super Junior Korean Voy Band

Super Junior will officially have a concert in Indonesia on 17 September 2022. The concert will be held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibit (ICE) BSD, Banten, Hall 5-6 and starts at 14.00 WIB. The announcement of the Super Junior concert was delivered by Mecimapro as the promoter. “E.L.F., we can’t wait to see you guys …

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