My Idea launches Double Single in One Package

My Idea – Since her name was chosen as one of the best newcomer musicians on the Pitchfork site, Lily Konigsberg immediately managed to get a significant change in her musical career. After starting her career as a solo musician and having a band called Palberta, this time in 2020 Lily Konigsberg introduced her latest music project called My Idea. This My Idea music project is the initiation of a collaboration between Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos in adding color to the international indie-pop scene.

The introduction of the My Idea music project by Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos was greeted with the birth of the first mini-album entitled That’s My Idea which will be released on 30 July. This first mini-album from My Idea will come with 5 songs released by Hardly Art Records.

Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos - My Idea

In announcing the news of its first EP, My Idea also launched two singles at once in a package containing songs titled Stay Away Still and That’s My Idea. To try to describe the overall theme of the EP or mini-album from That’s My Idea, Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos presented it in an audio-visual concept in a single package.

My Idea explained that they wanted to come up with something calming and fun to balance the messy video concept. This seems to give an idea that in a chaotic reality, there are still some aspects of life that can make people feel happy. In addition, both Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos also play the main characters who describe their lives in search of musical inspiration.

One of the reasons Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos joined My Idea was because of their desire to be able to make music with all the freedom in the narrative. According to My Idea, fun and honesty in creating a song can produce good output in a song, making it more comfortable for anyone to listen to. Therefore, My Idea is not just presenting an image that comes from a pleasant experience. The experience that made them sad also became an inspiration who had a big role in the process of making their first mini-album.

Apart from her project with My Idea, Lily Konigsberg has just released a compilation album of her solo music project entitled The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now earlier this year. In addition, one of the motorbikes from My Idea also released an album for his band entitled Palberta5000. Lily Konigsberg, as one of the brains behind the birth of My Idea, admits that since childhood, she has had a dream to be able to make music and become a rockstar when she grows up. Therefore, Lily Konigsberg opened many ways to achieve her dreams by forming My Idea and also Palberta as one of her creative platforms.

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Lily Konigsberg, who is now a member of My Idea, started her professional career as a musician by officially releasing a series of mini-albums starting with the EP Good Time Now in 2017. Then a split album with 4 Picture Tear in 2018, and It’s Just Like All The Clouds in 2018. in 2020. The three mini-albums released consistently by one of the motorbikes from My Idea are considered as a retrospective approach from the musician to get to know himself more deeply based on the experiences that have helped shape his personality so far.