T-Rex Engineering – Guitar Effects Manufacturer who Still Exists

T-Rex Engineering – For those who like to explore guitars with distinctive and authentic sound characteristics in the style of rock music in the 1990s, you may be familiar with the name T-Rex Engineering. The name is indeed quite closely associated with music culture, especially guitar players who like to explore sound. T-Rex Engineering is known as one of the guitar effects producers with quality and a worldwide reputation. So it is not surprising that many famous guitar players in foreign countries as well as in Indonesia themselves have at least T-Rex Engineering’s output effects in their effects pedal collection.

With a name inspired by one of the fierce and powerful dinosaur species, T-Rex Engineering is also committed to making guitar effects pedal products that not only have a booming sound characteristic but also have a high level of durability to be used for a long time. The quality that has become the identity of T-Rex Engineering has been running for more than 2 decades. Even so, during the long journey undertaken by T-Rex Engineering, the company as well as the producer of guitar pedal effects and accessories is still running its business scheme on a relatively small scale in Denmark.

T-Rex Engineering Guitar Effects

The history of T-Rex Engineering began when two guitarists and audio technicians from Denmark, Lars Dahl, and Sebastian Jensen agreed to make innovations from the technical aspect of guitar playing. Initially, the two founders of T-Rex Engineering focused on modifying the performance of the mass-sold guitar effects pedal line. Gradually the ambitions of the two founders of T-Rex Engineering grew rapidly. Based on the activities carried out by the two founders of T-Rex Engineering in optimizing the previous electric guitar pedal effects circuit board, Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen finally decided to create their own guitar effects pedal product line. In designing their own line of guitar effects pedals, T-Rex Engineering also invites collaborations of guitar players and audio technicians in Denmark and abroad to discuss with each other and find the right solution about the sound characteristics needed to maximize song harmonization.

For the material selection of its guitar pedal effects product line, T-Rex Engineering strives to keep using high-quality materials. It’s not just about cables and electronic circuit boards. The electronic support materials for each product are ensured to come from materials with a high reputation. T-Rex Engineering does not turn a blind eye to just looking for the material from Denmark. The two founders of T-Rex Engineering are willing to take a long time to find and order the materials they need from other parts of the world. This quality material is finally not only useful as the foundation for the effects of the guitar pedal. T-Rex Engineering also maximizes the use of these materials for innovations in the realm of other musical instrument accessories, such as potentiometers and footswitches that are integrated with various types of amplifiers.

Of the almost many guitar pedal effects production lines that T-Rex Engineering has created, there is one type of guitar effect pedal by the Danish company that is quite popular among world guitar players. The guitar effect pedal is called Replica. The replica is a digital delay effect that has the ability to produce sound delays of up to 2000ms at 200KHz for its sampling rate. T-Rex Engineering’s digital delay pedal effect is considered one of the best effects in the world and has become a mainstay for top musicians such as David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, John Mayer, Steve Morse, Andrey Makarevich, and Gary Moore. The effect pedal delay from T-Rex Engineering also offers a fairly complete function with 4 knobs that adjust Echo, Repeat, Level, and Tempo. These four functions are maximized by the presence of two switches, one for on/off and one for voice modulation that can produce both classic and modern characteristics. The functions offered certainly make it easy for guitar players to use the T-Rex Engineering output effects as they wish.

Garry Moore use T-Rex Engineering Guitar Effects

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T-Rex Engineering’s main mission is to bring innovation and development of sound characteristics needed by musicians around the world. Therefore, despite running on a small scale, T-Rex Engineering remains one of the most well-known guitar effects manufacturers around the world. According to Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen, when they first unveiled T-Rex Engineering’s original production line, they knew that their innovation process was an endless journey. However, the two founders of T-Rex Engineering stated that as long as they both still enjoyed working in T-Rex Engineering, so long as the name of the guitar pedal effects producer was T-Rex.