Robotic Guitar Tuner, Make Easy for Tuning the Guitar

Robotic Guitar Tuner is definitely a term that is still foreign to fellow musicians, maybe even to guitarists. The technology, which was first introduced in 2007, immediately invited a lot of comments from the industry. Since then the technology has continued to be improved and developed which eventually led us to the Tronical Tune product.

Maybe we will think that we don’t need gear like this because we already know how to tune the guitar or our needs can be met by having a tuner. However, it turns out that the perception changes when we have tried the gear or when we have a setlist of songs that require different tuning for each song.

Robotic Guitar Tuner

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In Robotic Guitar Tuner has three banks that can fit six tunings presets in each bank. In total, we have 12 factory default presets and six presets that we can save ourselves. The default presets already provide some common tunings such as Drop D, half-step down, open G, A, D, and so on. So even though there are only six presets that we can change, the factory presets already accommodate us with the most widely used tunings.

Although at first, I was a little skeptical of this product, when I have gigs with a setlist of songs that have different tunings for each song, this thing is very useful. Because I don’t have to carry a lot of guitars, it also saves me a lot of time changing tunings while on stage.

Items priced at US $ 299 may only be needed in some special conditions. But for guitarists, especially session players, a Robotic Guitar Tuner will be very helpful, both for stage and practice needs. In addition, for guitarists who like to experiment with ‘unusual’ tunings, this tool is definitely very helpful and I can conclude that this tool is worth trying.

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