Lana Del Rey Cancels Eighth Album Release

Lana Del Rey Had announced that She would officially release an album on United States Independence Day which falls on July 4, unfortunately, the plan had to be canceled. The news of the cancellation of the Blue Banisters album release schedule from Lana Del Rey was first revealed by the musician through his Instagram account. In the news, Lana Del Rey uploaded a photo that is predicted to be the artwork of her new album later. In addition, in the upload, Lana Del Rey also wrote TBD (To Be Discussed) in her caption which added to the curiosity of her fans.

Even though she had to come up with unpleasant news for her fans, Lana Del Rey tried to provide an antidote by uploading a clip containing a teaser trailer for her latest single from the Blue Banisters album which was promised to be released in the near future. The single will be the fourth single released by Lana Del Rey in welcoming her eighth album later.

Lana Del Rey

Previously, Lana Del Rey was immediately determined to release 3 new songs at once in welcoming her eighth album. The previous 3 songs released by the musician came with the titles Blue Banisters, Text Book, and Wildflower Wildfire. Lana Del Rey considers the three songs an appropriate representation that can represent her views on the concept of her new album. Lana Del Rey had informed that the concept of her latest album would be dedicated to music lovers around the world.

For her two new songs, Blue Banisters and Text Book, Lana Del Rey collaborated with Gabriel Edward Simon who also produced a song called Blue Banisters. As for the song Text Book, Lana Del Rey invited Zachary Dawes as a producer for the song. On her third track, Wildflower Wildfire Lana Del Rey invited Kanye West’s close collaborator Mike Dean to help her write and produce the song. In the news regarding these three new songs, it appears that Lana Del Rey is trying to do something new by inviting several different producers for the three songs. As it is known that Lana Del Rey usually invites Jack Antonoff to act as producer in several previous albums.

Several media and music critics who have had the opportunity to listen to Lana Del Rey’s three newest songs predict that the musician is trying to pour a deeper personal side to strengthen the theme and concept of the eighth album. The three new songs released by Lana Del Rey are considered to have the same nuance from one of the songs from her seventh album, White Dress, which tells about the musician’s past when he was trying to become a professional singer in his youth. Even some of the media and critics consider that these three latest songs by Lana Del Rey seem to complete the puzzle about her past life before becoming a star thanks to the success of the album Born To Die.

For a song called Wildflower Wildfire, Lana Del Rey tries to dig deeper into her past. The song tells about her childhood, Lana Del Rey dedicates the message of the song to her mother. The mother figure is new information revealed by Lana Del Rey in her work. It is known that mother is a subject that Lana Del Rey rarely discusses in almost all the songs she has written.

For personal matters, Lana Del Rey often talks about her father figure through her songs. Lana Del Rey’s father figure was also re-appointed for a song called Text Book. The song broadly discusses Lana Del Rey’s love life with her current fiancĂ©. However, Lana Del Rey admits that she finds similarities in the characteristics of her father in her partner.

With the release of 3 songs and plans to promote the fourth single, it can be said that Lana Del Rey is one of the most prolific musicians. It seems that Lana Del Rey is one of the musicians who are quite passionate about ensuring that her music project plans run smoothly. The reason is, before announcing the news about the Blue Banisters, Lana Del Rey had just released her seventh album entitled Chemtrails Over the Country Club in March.

Even so, releasing two albums in a period of one year is indeed not something foreign to musicians during a pandemic. Because in 2020 there were also several musicians who successfully tried to carry out this strategy. The eighth album from Lana Del Rey is also quite special because the musician plans to release his album on the United States independence day which falls on July 4, 2021.

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Lana Del Rey had revealed that she would immediately work on the follow-up album from Chemtrails Over the Country Club in March. Before officially deciding that her album is titled Blue Banisters, Lana Del Rey first revealed that Rock Candy Sweet is the title of her latest album. In the news, Lana Del Rey also stated that the process of writing songs for her latest album was considered to be a major obstacle. This obstacle is present because in recent years Lana Del Rey has been in the spotlight, especially regarding her lifestyle which is reflected in her social media activities. Apart from being productive in releasing albums, Lana Del Rey is also known to have previously released an audiobook in 2020. This audiobook is a step from Lana Del Rey to keep her fans updated and waiting for the arrival of her latest work. Released with the title Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, this audiobook contains a collection of poetry and spoken word music written and narrated by Lana Del Rey herself. In working on this project, Lana Del Rey was again assisted by Jack Antonoff who served as music director for this audiobook.