A Fire Inside (AFI) 11th Album Review

A Fire Inside – Post-hardcore or emo music connoisseurs in the late 1990s to early 2000s are certainly no stranger to the name AFI (A Fire Inside). AFI (A Fire Inside) is a band from the United States who was quite successful in elevating the popularity of the emo music scene to the mainstream, thanks to their works being screened in various contemporary media, such as television and radio at the time. AFI (A Fire Inside), which was formed in 1991, is still active for music. This was proven by AFI (A Fire Inside) by releasing a new single at the end of last May.

The single released by AFI (A Fire Inside) in 2021 comes with the title Tied To A Tree which is also used by the emo band as a welcome to their latest album which was just released on June 11th entitled Bodies. Several foreign media and music critics were quite surprised by the new work released by AFI (A Fire Inside). Not only came suddenly but the latest single from AFI (A Fire Inside) is also considered an important message that AFI (A Fire Inside) wants to convey as a representation of life within the band. Jade Puget as guitarist in AFI (A Fire Inside) explained that Tied To A Tree was chosen not because the band members agreed that the song was their favorite song. The main reason AFI (A Fire Inside) released Tied To A Tree was because the song managed to represent the changes that occurred within the band, both regarding the musical direction they were trying to carry and other dynamics that affected the lives of the members in AFI (A Fire Inside).

A Fire Inside (AFI)

Jade Puget also highlighted the gap of 4 years needed by AFI (A Fire Inside) in releasing a new album. The guitarist said that it has become a culture and tradition in working for AFI (A Fire Inside) not to release albums or songs that have similarities with their previous works. In order to get the difference that AFI (A Fire Inside) members want, they also need time to get a new personal life experience that can broaden their perspective in seeing life. A life experience that has been forged by time and environment is also what AFI (A Fire Inside) is now applying in working on their 11th album. Jade Puget also stated that it is important for AFI (A Fire Inside) to judge the quality of the material based on what they have been through. The reason is, AFI (A Fire Inside) always wants to make works that have aspects of relevance not only to the environment but also about things that have an impact on themselves. This is also what makes AFI (A Fire Inside) continue to try to be a consistent unit to this day to always run in harmony with change.

With the changes that have occurred in aspects of culture and people’s lives during the pandemic, Davey Havok as the vocalist and frontman for AFI (A Fire Inside) is trying to learn to understand and accept what has become a new habit in his environment. Davey Havok and AFI (A Fire Inside) spent approximately 1 year preparing the final material for the Bodies album. The vocalist from AFI (A Fire Inside) revealed that living in isolation for 1 year while focusing on writing works for albums was a tiring experience and often made creativity stagnate. Living life as a musician without traveling on concert tours is quite emotionally damaging for the vocalist of AFI (A Fire Inside). During his life in isolation, the vocalist of AFI (A Fire Inside) spent most of his time reading, watching movies, and contemplating. Davey Havok admits that there is little time that he can project to do creative activities such as music. In addition, the separation of space and time between other AFI (A Fire Inside) band members is also one of the triggers for why there is a deadlock in the creative process. The difficulty of meeting members of AFI (A Fire Inside) with each other is based on their different domiciles, with Davey Havok choosing to live in Los Angeles and his friends who live in other cities.

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In addition, Davey Havok inevitably has to come to terms with the still slumbering live music industry. The AFI (A Fire Inside) vocalist explained that every time he writes a song or releases an album, he has the mindset that the song has hidden energy that must be released on stage. According to him as a performer, the essence of a work is to be demonstrated. If there is nothing that can accommodate that, then the work that has been written with difficulty will no longer have its essence as a work. Despite experiencing limitations due to the pandemic, Davey Havok also managed to present something much different in the process of composing songs for AFI’s latest album (A Fire Inside).

The vocalist explained that the lyrics he is currently writing for AFI’s 11th album (A Fire Inside) have a fairly straightforward message. Anyone can immediately receive the content of what Davey Havok is trying to convey. Although it seems simple, in fact, the vocalist of AFI (A Fire Inside) also presents an element of duality to expand the meaning and reach of understanding from his fans. This duality element is used by Davey Havok as a form of solid representation that exists in life. According to the vocalist of AFI (A Fire Inside), almost all aspects of life in the world have two opposing sides. This is what I want to express as the main theme of AFI’s latest album (A Fire Inside).