Gallien-Krueger – The Bass Amplifier Innovator

For everyone who has often been in and out of the music studio and even often goes on stage, the name Gallien-Krueger is certainly no stranger. Both in the music studio and on stage, the Gallien-Krueger bass amplifiers often appear and are considered as one of the most capable and powerful bass amplifiers in all fields. Even so, how is Gallien-Krueger’s journey to be trusted as one of the quality amplifier brands?

Before becoming Gallien-Krueger, Robert Gallien as one of the founders of the brand first founded a company called GMT in 1968. The forerunner of Gallien-Krueger is a small business from Robert Gallien to design a musical instrument amplifier. The production process carried out by GMT is carried out in the garage of his house. At that time, Robert Gallien was still working as a technician for the technology company Hewlett-Packard.


In his spare time, the Gallien-Krueger co-founder continues to cultivate his skills in amplifier design. His perseverance resulted in two amplifiers named GMT 226A and 226B. When first marketed, the two amplifiers designed by Robert Gallien were considered as something unique. The reason is that compared to mass amplifiers that use tubes, his amplifier is designed to be able to operate using transistors.

While still using the GMT, Robert Gallien did not focus on making his amplifier only for use by bass players. The GMT 226A is a pretty capable guitar amplifier. In fact, musician Carlos Santana was one of the musicians who was attracted to owning the amplifier at the beginning of its appearance. The first amplifier designed by Robert Gallien can also be seen on the Woodstock stage. Finally, in the 1970s, Robert Gallien decided to invite Rich Krueger to join his amplifier project so that the GMT name was changed to Gallien-Krueger.

When merged into Gallien-Krueger, the company owned by Robert Gallien and Rich Krueger did not immediately change direction to become a manufacturer of amplifiers for bass specialties. The first bass amplifier produced by Gallien-Krueger was only present in 1983. In that year Gallien-Krueger launched a bass amplifier with the serial number 800RB. This series of bass amplifiers have also made Gallien-Krueger’s name skyrocket as one of the manufacturers of quality musical instrument amplifiers.

The professional bass players at that time gave quite a positive appreciation for the presence of the first bass amplifier from Gallien-Krueger. The first bass amplifier from Gallien-Krueger is considered to have strong characteristics and instant sound reactions. These characteristics are quite attractive to bass players in the rock realm, which requires them to have a fast playing style. Musicians such as Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duff McKagan from Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses, Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith, and Ted Dwane from Mumford and Sons are just a few of the names of musicians who are loyal to using bass amplifiers from Gallien-Krueger.

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Beyond the flagship series, Gallien-Krueger also designed the revolutionary MB200 bass amplifier. MB200 is a bass amplifier from Gallien-Krueger which is designed to be a small and light bass amplifier with a power capacity of 200 watts which has also inspired other amplifier manufacturers. In addition, Gallien-Krueger also designed the 250BL for the first time, which is the first bass amplifier with a channel switch feature. These features and innovations are one of the reasons why Gallien-Krueger is still a manufacturer of bass amplifiers that is in great demand by many people.

In the early 1990s Gallien-Krueger finally officially discontinued their production line of electric guitar amplifiers. Since then, Gallien-Krueger’s main focus has been on designing amplifiers and bass cabinet speakers that can keep up with the times in terms of technology, features, and durability so they don’t get eaten up by time.