Samick Greg Bennet FA 1 Guitar Review

samick greg bennetThis Greg Bennett Samick Signature electric guitar was made on July 2005. Place of origin is not marked on this guitar anywhere. The price was like a new guitar with some shipping and manufacturer disability. However, there is no scratch mark appears on this guitar. It’s a 22 rosewood fret with a C shaped neck installed and a candy apple red color solid body in the shape of Fender telecaster. The headstock is the different parts and it is angled back for added some sustain. This Samick guitar has the same style of dual pickups that you found on a real Fender Telecaster with the same chrome coloured hardware. The controls include a volume knob, tone knob and a 3 way pickup switch. It selects between either of the both single coil pickups or both pickups giving a wide range of sound options. The tuners are small and tight while giving a characteristic attract to the whole look of this Samick signature guitar. The 1/4″ sized jack is placed on the side of the body and it is out of the way of any disturbance. The strings are placed through the body of this guitar.  Oddly, there is no accessories appears in this samick guitar.


The guitar have a good sounds when playing various rock musical style. This includes country rock style as well. I have test it on a Fender amp at the local music store, and we also test it with some effect pedals for overdrive, distortion and chorus sound. The samick signature guitar performs very well out of the box with a very little setup setting. The stock pickups sound well and clean.  pull offs, hammering and bending are an awesome with this guitar.


The action is really smooth but lowering strings slightly from the default setup would allow for a better action. The height of the stock pickups work well and every string pickup sound makes the guitar sounds awesome. The tuning keys hold the strings very well and after a month use, 4 hours a day for 30 days straight, is still playing. I didn’t notice that any design or finish flaws. This guitar is absolutely looks beautiful with the candy apple red finish and chrome colored hardware. The controls work well but I have an issue with the one of the pickup wires having a short in it.


This Samick guitar have a lightweight construction will allow you to play for many hours of live playing without wearing down the guitarist. The hardware is also solid, tuning pegs are very tight and easy to adjust. A little tuning will bring any key easily out of tune. If new strings are added and broke in the guitar will stay in tune. The strap buttons works nice as I haven’t had a strap slipping off yet. For performing gigs, practice or just for fun, this guitar will provides you a long time playing if we properly maintained and cared for the guitar.


Considering I play a wide range style of music, when this guitar coupled with a good amps and pedals it can fit the bill. I have played electric guitar  for a several months now with my first electric guitar used Lyon by Washburn. This Samick guitar actually makes me want to explore morea about the guitar. It’s hard to put down. It was compared with a Squier Stratocaster. I brought the guitar home and find what sounded best to me. I haven’t found anything I hate about this samick guitar. It is a incredible similarity to a Telecaster without the expensive price.