Tips for Buying a Right Electric Guitar

Tips buying electric guitar – Guitars, both acoustic and electric, are one of the most frequently encountered musical instruments, so tips on buying an electric guitar are important for you who have plans to buy this stringed instrument. If you want to buy something including a guitar, you need to learn the ins and outs of the good quality of the item you want to buy. This is one part of the guitar buying tips that need to be understood.

It is also necessary to watch out for rogue traders who charge high or expensive prices but the quality of the guitars is low. Therefore it becomes important to know tips on buying a guitar before you buy it. When buying a guitar for beginners, it’s important to get a guitar that’s the right size, sounds good, and matches your musical tastes and aspirations. If you don’t know, find out what kind of guitar you want and who your role model or idol is.

Learning a few simple aspects of electric guitar design, as well as thinking about your musical tastes, can help you decide. Areas covered in a guitar buying tips guide to help inform your decision include several things, namely design and material, size and type, brand, cost, to accessories.

Well, for more details, here are some tips on buying an electric guitar that you need to know in order to get the best guitar that suits their needs and desires.

Tips for buying electric guitar

Determine your Budget

The first tip to buy an electric guitar is to determine the budget you have. The price of the guitar itself varies, the difference is the quality of the material used, the brand, to the historical value of the guitar.

In other words, price is one of the key factors in buying a guitar and deciding which one to buy. Keep in mind that the better the guitar new players get, the more likely they are to keep learning and playing. Instruments that are difficult to play or out of tune will deter even the most enthusiastic beginners.

In addition, in the tips for buying a guitar, it is also necessary to understand that when buying an electric guitar there are several other accessories that are needed to support when playing it. This kit includes tuners, picks, extra strings, as well as cases, as well as amplifiers, and cables.

Check the Guitar Neck

Another list of guitar buying tips is to pay attention to the guitar neck or guitar neck for consideration. There are several types of guitar necks that can be chosen according to your comfort when playing the guitar and do not affect the quality of the electric guitar.

Tips for buying electric guitar neck

But what you need to pay attention to in these guitar buying tips, a strong neck is better than a “soft” neck, because if the neck is not strong, in a short time it will easily change settings or bend. As a result, the guitar settings will always be false. It is important to first see if the neck of a guitar is straight or not (from end to end), if it is bent, it means that the guitar sounds fake.

In the neck there are also frets or guitar columns with various variations, there are 22 frets and 24 frets. You can choose what you feel comfortable with and according to your playing style. And this does not affect the quality of an electric guitar.

Determine the Character of the Sound

The next guitar-buying tip is to pay attention to the character of the sound, in addition to the guitar construction. The character of the guitar sound can be formed from various factors such as the pickup, body, strings, and also the type of wood used in its manufacture.

If you tend to want to play a soft voice, you can choose a hollow guitar (an electric guitar with a hollow like an acoustic guitar). These guitars typically feature an archtop and are more prone to feedback. Many jazz guitarists prefer hollow bodies for their rich, full tone, and deep bass response.

If you prefer a louder and louder sound, you can choose a guitar with a double pickup or a humbucker. The resulting sound is thicker and suitable for rock music.

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Choose a Pickup

The next guitar-buying tip is choosing the type of pickup. Sometimes, indicators of expensive or cheap guitar prices depend on the pickup used. The better the pickup, the more expensive it is and the stronger the sound quality.

Pickups on electric guitars are divided into three general categories, namely single-coil, humbucker, and p90. Single coil pickups use a single magnet and the character of the sound produced by this pickup is considered brighter.

electric guitar pickup

While a humbucker pickup is two single-coil pickups combined, it is sometimes also called a double coil pickup. Humbuckers are designed to “fight” the hum. This type of pickup has a “warm” tone compared to single-coil pickups.

Due to the higher volume output, it is suitable to withstand high distortions such as metal and rock music.┬áThen the P90 pickup is halfway between the single coil pickup and the humbucker. It has a higher sound output than single coils but doesn’t have the same output as humbuckers.

The following are some guitar buying tips that you can apply when buying a guitar. In addition to the methods above, in tips for buying a guitar, make sure to always read reviews about the product you want to buy. Some manufacturers can almost always be trusted to make a decent guitar, but even within one brand, the quality can change from one guitar to the next, even at the same price point. Also, if you bought your guitar directly at the store, be sure to listen to the sound of the guitar playing if you can.

In other words, buying in-store is a great way to test if you like the sound. However, most people like to order online, and that doesn’t mean you can’t hear the guitar sound. You can look for it on YouTube or even videos on the manufacturer’s website.

The next guitar-buying tip is not to make a useless purchase. Many guitarists feel guilty about being tempted by words like “vintage” and “limited edition”.