Deafheaven Releases Single That No Longer Feels Metal

In several recent works previously released by Deafheaven, the band, which is known as one of the black metal units, has gradually begun to eliminate the rock elements that became the foundation of the band’s formation. Even so, Deafheaven still maintains a dark element as their musical identity. The dark identity carried by Deafheaven was increasingly felt when they released a new single entitled Great Mass of Color. The song is the main single released by Deafheaven in welcoming his new album entitled Infinite Granite.

The lead single from Deafheaven’s Infinite Granite album was released in early June. The presence of the single Great Mass of Color is considered by several parties in the foreign music industry as momentum from the dynamics that exist in Deafheaven. Through his previous works, Deafheaven is really good at combining elements of black metal and shoegaze. Even Deafheaven is considered as one of the units that succeeded in popularizing the term blackgaze to the international music world. But in Great Mass of Color, Deafheaven actually eliminates the black metal element and instead steadily echoes the shoegaze side as a whole. This is heard through a distorted musical composition that refracts other elements such as vocals and drum beats.

Deafheaven band

For his own vocal elements, George Clarke as Deafheaven’s vocalist began to eliminate his trademark roar. In this new Deafheaven song, the vocalist opts to use falsetto and other vocal techniques that bring swinging harmonization into his music. George Clarke admits that the vocal variety used for the song Deafheaven is considered an exploration to ensure that he has complete skills as a vocalist. On the melodic side, which is guided by Kerry McCoy as guitarist and Shiv Mehra on the synthesizer, the two mix each other’s musical performances to give the impression of full nuance. Even so, Deafheaven’s melodic section still uses chord progressions that are considered unusual which are still identical to their previous works.

Some critics and the world’s music media began to speculate that the Infinite Granite album was a different work and separated from the shadow of the previous Deafheaven identity. The speculation arose when Deafheaven announced that they were partnering with Justin Meldal-Johnsen as producer. The figure of Justin Meldal-Johnsen as a musician was previously considered not to have a wedge with the image of Deafheaven.

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The producer for Deafheaven’s new album is better known as a bass player who had helped many of Beck’s music projects. In addition, his work as a producer is also more synonymous with works from alternative pop and rock genres. Prior to producing for Deafheaven, Justin Meldal-Johnsen was previously responsible for producing St. Vincent, Nine Inch Nails, M83, Metric, and also Paramore. For audio and mixing technicians, Deafheaven collaborates with Justin Thorp, who has also worked with Radiohead, Foo Fighters, and Beck.

Even though Great Mass of Color is the first original work released by Deafheaven in 2021, several months ago Deafheaven had released a remix of Deathpact’s song entitled ID. This single remix project was originally Deathpact’s initiation in increasing awareness about his new project. Deathpact also invited Deafheaven to be one of his collaborators.

Interested in the music project that Deathpact offered, finally Deafheaven decided to present a different nuance from their works. This post-metal band from the United States tries to reinterpret as well as remix by using an industrial club music approach in the 80s. Deafheaven provides a constant rhythm to bring a dark impression to the remix dedicated to Deathpact’s musical project. This remix made by Deafheaven has been officially released by Deathpact via Soundcloud. Outside of Deafheaven, Deathpact also invited Code Orange to be involved in this remix project. In 2020, Deafheaven also released a special album as a marker of 10 years of his musical career. The special album was released with the title 10 Years Gone which contains Deafheaven songs recorded live in a studio. The album came as a way for Deafheaven to make up for the failure of their decade-long tour caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A little history, Deafheaven is a band formed in early 2010 by George Clarke (vocals) and Kerry McCoy (guitar). The two of them are friends in a band called Rise of Caligula that breathes grindcore. The name Deafheaven was chosen by George Clarke as a tribute to his favorite shoegaze band, Slowdive. Even so, George Clarke also admitted that the word “Deafheaven” himself had found himself in one of William Shakespeare’s works entitled Sonnet 29. The two founders of Deafheaven finally decided to operate the band in a duo format and immediately recorded a demo at Atomic Garden Studios with Jack Shirley as the producer.

It is known to record his first demo, Deafheaven had to spend as much as 500 dollars. In addition, other obstacles are also present in the form of the completeness of the instrument. Neither George Clarke nor Kerry McCoy is known to have electric instruments and guitar amplifiers. Therefore, Deafheaven chose to record the demo using an acoustic guitar with the rest of the equipment they rented from the studio. The untitled demo that had been recorded by Deafheaven was finally released on a limited basis. The release initially only circulated in the metal scene they were familiar with. The music presented by Deafheaven at that time was a mix of metal and post-rock genres. Sounds unique and different, in fact, the first demo by Deafheaven received positive appreciation so that it managed to get offers to be able to fill events on several stages.