Chubby and the Gang Introduces New Album

Chubby and the Gang – For some bands, a name with a deep meaning is often a reference in choosing a band name. However, it seems that Chubby and the Gang just want to prove that they are one of the punk rock bands that are qualified to be judged by their works. The name Chubby in Chubby and the Gang is taken from the nickname of the vocalist, Charlie Manning-Walker.

Besides Charlie, Chubby and the Gang is also strengthened by the presence of Ethan Stahl, Tom “Razor” Hardwick, Maegan Brooks Mills, and Joe McMahon. It is known that Chubby and the Gang was formed in 2019 by former members of phenomenal British hardcore punk bands, such as Arms Race, Vile Spirit, and Gutter Knife.

With diverse musical experiences and backgrounds, it’s easy for Chubby and the Gang to immediately make a splash since it was founded 2 years ago. In 2020, they have already released their first album entitled Speed ​​Kills. Now in 2021, Chubby and the Gang immediately step on the gas to release their second album entitled The Mutt’s Nuts. The new album from Chubby and the Gang is planned to be enjoyed in August.

Chubby and the Gang

Before officially reporting about their new album, Chubby and the Gang had already introduced 2 new singles a few months ago. For the official announcement, at the same time, Chubby and the Gang finally introduced their third single, Coming Up Tough. The vocalist of Chubby and the Gang explained that the song was made based on personal experiences that occurred in his family environment.

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The outline of the story is the story of the family member who had to be separated at a young age for more than 20 years due to the social and political system that Chubby and the Gang considered unconcerned. The vocalist of this punk rock band from London makes the storyline chronologically with limited detail. This was done by Chubby and the Gang so that everyone could understand that what happened to Charlie Manning-Walker and his family could happen to other people in different situations.

Total Chubby and the Gang has prepared 15 song titles to fill their second album.

Here is the tracklist:

  • It’s Me Who’ll Pay
  • The Mutt’s Nuts
  • On The Meter
  • Coming Up Tough
  • Pressure
  • Beat That Drum
  • Life On The Bayou
  • Take Me Home To London
  • Overachiever
  • White Rags
  • Getting Beat Again (Eppu Normaali)
  • Someone’s Gunna Die
  • Lightning Don’t Strike Twice
  • I Hate The Radio
  • Life’s Lemons

Regarding his debut album, entitled Speed Kills, the debut step of Chubby and the Gang had received positive appreciation from various critics and also international music media. The production process is also fairly fast, assisted by the presence of Jonah Falco as a producer. After releasing their first album, in early 2020, Chubby and the Gang also managed to set foot in the United States as a supporting act for a concert held by Royal Hounds, Hank Wood, and Hammerheads. However, the concert trip had to be stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When musical activity on stage became limited, Chubby and the Gang decided to immediately enter the recording studio to prepare material for their second album. This fast movement is also based on the presence of Maegan Brooks Mills who has just entered to fill the position of bass player for Chubby and the Gang to remain productive and his creative ideas do not rot during the quarantine period.