Jxdn Releases Debut Album, Produced by Travis Barker

Jxdn Album – Jxdn finally announced to the public that he was really serious in the world of singing. The figure who was originally famous through the social media platform TikTok finally made his move by releasing his debut album on July 2, 2021, titled Tell Me About Tomorrow.

The more special the debut album from the man whose real name is Jaden Isaiah Hossler is. The reason is, this album was confirmed by Jxdn itself to be produced by one of the celebrities in the punk rock/pop-punk scene as well as the frontman of Blink-182, the one and only, Travis Barker.

Regarding the collaboration with Jxdn itself, Travis Barker has reportedly signed Jxdn a year ago under the record label that Travis Barker manages, DTA Records. Therefore, it is not surprising that the debut album features musicians who often collaborate with Travis Barker, such as Machine Gun Kelly and  Iann Dior.

Jxdn album produced by Travis Baker

In collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, Jxdn performed a song called Wanna Be. While with Iann Dior, jxdn first released a collaboration single titled Tonight on October 21 last year. The debut album from Jxdn itself contains 18 songs consisting of 14 new songs that have never been released before.

In addition to ‘Think About Me’, Jxdn’s debut album will feature the single, ‘So What!’, ‘Better Off Dead, and the hit hit ‘Angels & Demons’ which was released in May 2020.

As for the latest song released by Jxdn, namely, Think About Me in early June. “This single is the perfect introduction to ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’ – I’m so proud of what Travis and I have created and can’t wait for the world to hear it,” Jxdn said of the song.

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The popularity of Jxdn which continues to rise along with his entry into the music industry has made his debut album get quite a positive place from the public. Every song he releases on YouTube is able to get millions of views, besides that the 19-year-old musician’s Instagram subscribers and followers have touched millions.

This condition is clearly beneficial for Jxdn which is considered a new musician. But for Jxdn itself, the presence of Travis Barker as a producer on his music works became an important factor in building a career.

“[Travis] is everything a new artist like me needs, and everything they want,” Hossler said, citing Barker’s years of success in the music industry. – Jxdn Album –