How to Get The Equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio? Part 1

Equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio  – Are you looking for information on how to build a home recording studio, recording studio package, the right professional recording studio equipment with a budget that is friendly to your pocket? So check out the following information!

Along with the rapid development of computer technology and the internet which is increasingly sophisticated, there are many new trends that have emerged into the virtual world. One of them is the trend of covering songs & music videos through YouTube and other video sharing sites. Not only have they managed to garner a lot of subscribers, but some cover musicians who are quite successful are also able to commercialize their works by selling their cover songs on iTunes and other similar platforms.

Having music recording equipment or a recording studio or a professional recording studio is a must, even if you start with a cheap and simple recording studio package first. Take it easy, with the existing computer technology, now you can have a professional recording studio/recording studio package equipment so that you can build a personal recording studio with very minimal costs.

Equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio

Determining Your Equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio

To determine equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio, As a musician, building a home recording studio is not only a place for musical expression and audio production but also a practical solution in the midst of the higher price of recording studios. For audio needs with minor functions such as the need for jingles, social media content, and solo instrumental albums, in-house production is a much more cost-effective option provided the gear selected is appropriate.

The process of choosing or buying the right gear doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a little personal judgment and basic knowledge of the equipment to be purchased. This article will help you to invest money properly. I’ll also share my personal views as I explore the configuration of the recording system so you can take advantage of the situation you’re in. Alright, let’s start by identifying your goals in making a home recording studio.

Defining the Purpose of Home Recording studio

Another thing to consider in determining equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio, is defining the purpose of Home Studio Recording. Home recording studios can vary widely, can be simple, or can opt for something more complex, such as multitrack digital recorders and preamps that cost tens of millions of rupiah with ideal room acoustics. You should always remember that all major studios are not built all at once, equipment is added slowly over time. That is, when determining the system to be used, start with the equipment that is really needed, then add slowly when you already know and understand the equipment. The initial step that can be done is of course preparing a computer/laptop that meets the needs of a home recording studio, then buying a soundcard/audio interface and the rest looking for other supporting equipment such as speakers, headphones, microphones, multitrack recorders, and of course what you shouldn’t miss are plugins.

Whatever the available budget, the next step is to determine your recording goals. The method is quite simple, try my friend using the following questions to help find out what is really needed and wanted in your home recording studio. To get an understanding of what is best for you, ask yourself all of the following questions:

  • The first question is how much investment will be spent on gear? Yup, that’s right, we know very well that money is the main determining factor in choosing studio components. Set a budget and try to stick to what has been budgeted. You can produce high-quality recordings without expensive tools. Facts on the ground, the expertise of some sound engineers has a much greater impact on the quality of a recording production than a list of expensive tools. You should also know that great albums and hits and hits throughout history were recorded with equipment that is lower in specifications than the tools you can find in most studios today. The next trick, focus on the work of songs and arrangements, develop potential, audio knowledge, and recording techniques.
  • The second question that must be asked is whether this home recording studio is only for personal use, or do you intend to rent it out to someone else? The answers to these questions can help decide how complex the system needs to be. For example, if it’s only for personal use, you just want to buy the equipment you need. You just focus on getting the best gear according to your personal assessment or with the help of your friends who are familiar with the equipment. It’s different if you aim to rent it out to someone else, you need to think about the compatibility of the recording system with other studios. Do a little observation at other studios in your area. Find out what they use and what type of equipment their clients are asking for.
  • The third question to ask is will I record everything directly to the soundcards, or will I capture sound with the microphone for most instruments? It is clear that the answer to this question will help regulate how much of the budget is invested. If you want to directly connect it to the soundcard, you just need to buy a vocal microphone and the remaining money can be used to buy a midi controller or plug-in for your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). If you choose to use miking for all instruments, that means you have to allocate quite a lot of money for these tools including instrument microphones and other supports such as silencers and inputs available in the audio interface.
  • The fourth question is how many tracks are needed when recording at one time? The answer to this question is needed in considering the purchase of the system used. If you want to record many instruments at once, choose a soundcard that has more inputs. Can be 4, 6, 8, or 16 tracks. If all you need is a few instruments recorded at a time, simply buy a soundcard that has 2 inputs.
  • The last question is do I use an artificial instrument (midi) or a real instrument? If you plan to use midi then buy the original Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins that suit your needs and learn well. You can also buy a MIDI controller to make song arrangements easier, and don’t forget to make sure to get a good MIDI controller. On the other hand, if you use a real instrument, it means that there will be many things that must be considered, such as ideal room acoustics and a good microphone.

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One last important tip to remember is to choose a shop that sells gear with good equipment conditions. Every shopping place has its own consequences, whether online or buying directly at a music store, consider it carefully. with the online system, we have to wait for some time, but if you buy directly at a music store, it means that you can choose, buy, and take it home immediately. Don’t forget to carefully choose a cheaper shop with the best quality, don’t be tired of looking for the shop, or info from friends will be better. In addition, consider choosing a shop that sells quality 2nd equipment because in terms of price it will be much cheaper. Those are some tips and tricks that can be taken into consideration in preparing the right tools for home studio recording, friends. A detailed review of the specifications of the tools needed in building a home studio recording will be reviewed in the next article. = Equipment Needed for Home Recording Studio=