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Kurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. In 1988, he started the band Nirvana. Nirvana reach the top to a major label in 1991, signing with Geffen Records. Kurt Cobain also began using heroin around this time. Nirvana’s acclaimed album In Utero was released in 1993. On April 5, 1994, In his seattle home where is in the guest house, Cobain committed suicide.


Early life

Singer, songwriter. Born Kurt Donald Cobain. Growing up in a small town, Kurt Cobain showed an interest in art and music. He excelled at drawing, so much so that his talents were even apparent in kindergarten. He also learned to play piano and enjoyed a mini drum kit his parents had given him. At his father’s urging, Cobain also played little league baseball. He sometimes spent time with his little sister Kim who was born in 1971, but both Cobain children had to deal with their parents yelling and fighting.

After his parents divorced when he was 9, Cobain became withdrawn. He went to live with his father after the divorce. On the weekends, he would visit his mother and his sister. When his father remarried, Cobain resented his stepmother Jenny and her two children. One of the bright spots of this difficult time was a present he received from his uncle Chuck—a guitar. Although the instrument was fairly good, it inspired Cobain to learn to play and it offered him a respite from his unhappiness at home. Alienated and angry, he believed that his father always took his stepmother’s side and favored her children and Chad, his half brother who had been born in 1979. Cobain began experimenting with drugs in his adolescent, and he pushed himself farther away from his father.

Troubled Youth

Punk rock has changed Kurt Cobain life. Discovering a local punk rock band, the Melvins, he befriended Buzz Osbourne, a member of the group. Osbourne introduced him to some other legendary punk rock bands, such as the Sex Pistols. The Melvins often practiced in a place near drummer Dale Crover’s house and a lot of fans, including Cobain, came to these sessions and hung out. As high school evolve, he was doing more drinking and drugging. Cobain also got into fights with his mother who was also a drinker, and he could not stand with his stepfather.

Kurt Cobain spent much of 1984 until 1985 living in many different places. He spent time living with friends when he could and sleeping in apartment building hallways and a hospital waiting room when he did not have any other place to crash. In July 1985, Cobain was arrested for spray painting buildings in town with some of his friends. His friends got away, but Cobain was caught and taken to the police station. He later received a fine and a suspended sentence for his actions. Several months after, Cobain started his first band, Fecal Matter. At his aunt mari’s house, they recorded a few songs together, but they never played any gigs.

The Band Nirvana

In 1988, Kurt Cobain was able to make some of his rock ambitions come true. He finally decided on the name Nirvana for the group. They made their first song, “Love Buzz,” which was released by the small independent label Sub Pop Records. By this time, Burckhard was out and Chad Channing had taken over drumming duties. Nirvana’s popularity in the Seattle music scene was developing, and they released their first album, Bleach, in 1989. While it failed to make much of a splash, the recording showed signs of Cobain’s emerging talent as a songwriter, especially the ballad “About a Girl.” Their signature sound, which included elements of punk rock and heavy metal, was also apparent on the album. Cobain felt mistreated by Sub Pop, believing that the company devoted more resources toward promoting other acts such as Soundgarden and Mudhoney.

While Nirvana was struggling to make it, Kurt Cobain made a fateful connection in his personal life. In 1990, Cobain met his match in an edgy rocker named Courtney Love. Cobain and Courtney met at a show at the Portland, Oregon nightclub Satyricon.  Their relationship did not stopped until much later.

In that same year, he got a opportunity to know some of his legendary rock and roll heroes when the band toured with Sonic Youth. Nirvana was going through some internal changes at the time. Their friend Dale Crover filled in on drums as Cobain and Novoselic had kicked out Channing. After the tour, they finally found a replacement in Dave Grohl who had played with Washington, D.C., with a hardcore band Scream.

Nirvana made the leap to a major label in 1991 when they signed with Geffen Records. That same year, they released an album called Nevermind, which affect a music revolution. With the raw edges of punk rock and the blazing sound guitars of metal, their sound was labeled as “grunge”.

The Rapid Rising

The single “Smells Like Teen Spirit”—such as a lot of Nirvana tracks organized between the smooth and the thrashing. And Kurt Cobain was equally convincing as he sang the song’s mellow chorus and as he screamed its final lines. It proved to be the supergroup and helped take the entire album to the top of the music charts.

Shortly, Kurt Cobain was being dubbed one of the best songwriters of 1990s generation. This along with the boomed of the group put pressure on the talented 24-year-old. Cobain began to worry about how his music was being received and how to regain control of a seemingly uncontrollable future. He had started using heroin in the early 1990s. The drug provided an escape as well as some relief for his chronic stomach problems.

Before Nevermind‘s release, Cobain met up again with his match Courtney Love, now the lead singer and guitarist with a band called “Hole”, at an L7 concert in Los Angeles. She was friends with Jennifer Finch, a member of the band who was dating with Dave Grohl at the time. Later that year, Cobain and Love started a complicated relationship that included letters, faxes, and numerous phone calls as the two were traveling with their respective bands. In February 1992, they got married and beared their daughter Frances Bean Cobain in August 1992. Both Cobain and Love were fall into drugs and used together. They found themselves being investigated by social services after Love told Vanity Fair that she had taken heroin while pregnant. After a costly legal battle, Cobain and Love were able keep custody of their daughter.

Battle With the Drugs

Kurt Cobain had continued success professionally. Nirvana’s highly acclaimed album In Utero was released in September 1993 and went to the top of the album charts. Full of highly personal lyrics by Cobain about his many life battles, the recording featured an enough amount of antagonism toward people and situations that Cobain insulted. He took on the recording company with “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.” It also had some more delicate moments with “Heart-Shaped Box,” which the song is to be about marriage love.

On a rehab during the tour, Cobain spent a few time in Europe with his family members. On March 4, 1994, while in his hotel room in Rome, Italy, he tried to suicide by taking an overdose drugs. Love recently woke up and discovered that Cobain was in trouble with the drugs. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in a coma.

When Returning to the US, Cobain became a ascetic, spending most of his time alone and high. Love called the police on March 18 to report that Cobain was suicidal. He had locked himself with some guns and medication inside the toilets, according to the police information. After interviewing Love and Cobain, it was determined that he had not threatened to kill himself, but Love called the authorities because he had locked himself in and would not open the door. She knew that he had access to guns. For their safety, the guns and medication had taken by the police. A few days later, Love had an interference for Cobain, trying to convince him to get off drugs

Suicide and Legacy

On April 5, 1994, in the guest house behind his Seattle home, a 27-year-old Cobain committed suicide. He placed a shotgun into his mouth and fired, killing himself instantly. He left a lengthy suicide note in which he addressed his many fans as well as his wife and young daughter. Despite the official ruling of his death as a suicide, some have wondered whether it was murder and whether Love had been involved in his death.

Even after death, Cobain continued to intrigue and inspire fans. The group released Unplugged in New York shortly after Cobain’s death and it went to the top of the charts. Two years later, a collection of their songs entitled From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah was released, and again the group scored a huge hit, reaching the number three spot on the album charts.

With Cobain gone, there has been a struggle about what to do with what he left behind. Grohl and Novoselic fought with Love for years over Nirvana’s music. In September 2002, Love announced that they had finally resolved their long legal battle over unreleased material. An anthology of their songs,Nirvana, was released that year, including the previously unreleased track “You Know You’re Right.” Two collections that included other previously unreleased material followed with 2004’s With the Lights Out and 2005’sSliver: The Best of the Box.

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