Trivium Band, Welcome The New Album in 2021

Trivium Band – The consistency of Trivium’s music in the metal realm cannot be doubted. Formed in 1999, this metal band from the United States is still quite productive and is able to continue to surprise its loyal fans through the latest released works. One of the works that are quite surprising is the presence of Trivium’s ninth album in 2020. The album entitled What The Dead Men Say, managed to get a good commercial success for the metal band.

Trying to repeat the success achieved by Trivium during the pandemic, the metal band decided to introduce new material in a single format. Feast Of Fire was appointed by Trivium to be the follow-up work that will welcome the tenth album in 2021. Feast Of Fire is the second single released by Trivium on the occasion of introducing their new album plan entitled The Court Of The Dragon. Previously, last July Trivium also released a single with the same title as their tenth album.

Trivium Band

According to the bass player in Trivium Band, Paolo Gregoletto, the song Feast Of Fire is one of the songs that is quite successful in igniting enthusiasm for him and his other colleagues to continue working. According to one of the Trivium members, the song Feast Of Fire had become one of the songs that stood out when they made the demo. All of the band members were quite satisfied with what they had produced for Feast Of Fire. However, they finally left the feeling of satisfaction. All Trivium members agree that the good Feast Of Fire demo still has great potential to be processed.

The confession also did not come from Trivium Band alone. Their producer who fully supports the recording and production of The Court Of The Dragon album, Josh Wilbur also stated the same thing. The producers thought that the Feast Of Fire early material was good overall. It’s even really good, especially in one part, and is an inspiration for Trivium to write other songs. Paolo Gregoletto himself also added that the title of the song Feast Of Fire had actually been on his mind for a long time. The new material, which was re-recorded by Trivium, was deemed suitable to represent the song Feast Of Fire.

The bass player for Trivium Band stated that he is still amazed and even surprised at how music can have magical powers. According to Paolo Gregoletto, one of the strong reasons he is still in music is thanks to the ability of music to bring inspiration in an instant which led to the planning of a full album. The surprise or magical element didn’t come the way they wanted. But when it comes, the bass player from Trivium is very grateful and always tries to maximize the opportunities that exist.

The plan, Trivium’s tenth album, The Court Of The Dragon, will be officially released in early October. The new album from Trivium will be released under Roadrunner Records. The process of recording the tenth album from Trivium was carried out at Full Sail University, Florida, the city where this metal band was formed. In total there are 9 songs that have been prepared by Trivium to strengthen their tenth album.

Using the colossal title, The Court Of The Dragon, Trivium also agreed that they also needed an album cover art that was no less spectacular. This Florida metal band wanted a visual concept that could convey the impression of a treasured classic of art found in major museums around the world. To grant this wish, Trivium also asked Mathieu Nozieres to be responsible for the creation of the artwork.

Mathieu Nozieres is a painter who is considered capable of creating works like Caravaggio and Gentileschi. To give a spectacular impression on Trivium’s tenth album, the artist decided to paint the artwork based on the title on canvas using oil paints. The visual concept is realized with a colossal medieval theme and is able to represent the wishes of Trivium itself.

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The Beginning of the Success of “What The Dead Men Say”

Talking about the success of Trivium’s ninth album in 2020, this metal band from the United States began to open the story of What The Dead Men Say by uploading several mysterious messages through their social media accounts. This has been done by Trivium since the beginning of 2020 without knowing that the world will be enveloped by the Covid-19 pandemic which changes their plans.

Entering the end of February 2020, Trivium Band finally came to the fore by introducing their debut single for the ninth album entitled Catastrophist. On the same occasion, the Florida metal band also explained details regarding the number of songs and other information that will be presented by Trivium in 2020.