Foo Fighters Sonic Highway Album Review

foo fighters sonic highway

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways Album Cover


Sonic Highway is the 8th album of Foo fighters. It released on November 10, 2014. This album produce alternative rock, hard rock, and post grunge music. The first time Dave Grohl (ex Nirvana drummer) founded the band Foo Fighter, the public considers the band’s only project that was short-lived. However, it actually becomes a great rock band that has always been a headliner in any event rock.

Even the band’s origin from the seatle including a productive bands, amongst many contemporary bands they were even starting to fade existence. This album is their 8th studio album of her career since 1994. Foo Fighters still survive with alternative rock aura, as since the beginning of the formation of Foo Fighters. Just listen to the opening song of the album ‘Something From Nothing’ which also became hits album. This songs provides alternative rock easy listening, and even tended a little ballad. But with dynamic arrangements and the dominance of guitar distortion makes this song still flavorful and more rock sounding loud at the climax of the ending song.

Or the song ‘Congregation’ is still displaying their alternative rock. These songs seem more simple, but still bursting at the sound of the arrangement. In the song ‘What Did I Do? God As My Witness, ‘this time they present with arrangements with a changing tempo, but still rely on a distorted sound and uncomplicated. Or track their exploration ‘I Am a River’ which seems very emotional. Characterized ballad songs are packaged in sound loud and with a long duration.

Suggestion: It can be a mood booster when you feel bored, but also comfortable to be enjoyed in all conditions

Genre: Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Post Grunge