Inhaler Presents Single with Positive Shades

Inhaler Band – Being in the realm of indie rock makes it easy for Inhaler to experiment with incorporating various elements into their music. The Irish band that was formed in 2016 is still trying to attract the attention of modern music lovers by blending pop elements into their musical formula. This is evidenced by the Inhaler through the release of a song called Totally.

Several parties from critics and international music media think that this new song from Inhaler band has the right element in becoming a work that can be enjoyed by modern music listeners. The song Totally by Inhaler is considered to be radio-friendly. This formula is usually used so that musicians can promote songs on the radio appropriately. Although this is not done very often, the duration of the song under 4 minutes is worked out effectively in attracting the interest of music lovers to find out about the inhaler.

Inhaler Band

The song Totally is also one of Inhaler’s efforts to promote their debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, which was released in early July. The release of the single Totally adds to the list of singles released by Inhaler in welcoming the release of their debut album. Until now, there have been 3 singles released by Inhaler in the last few months, the first is the single with the same title as the album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, then there is Who’s Your Money On, and Totally.

Talking about the album, Inhaler explained that the positive nuance was the main key for them in working on the material needed. Therefore, Inhaler explores their youth memories to be the inspiration for the songs included in the album It Won’t Always Be Like This. Almost all the songs on his debut album were written by the members of Inhaler since they were teenagers. Nostalgic moments in adolescence that are free and full of joy are positive things that are raised by Inhaler in this debut album.

In addition to introducing their new single, Inhaler band also announced that they would be on tour in the United States in 2022. The tour was carried out as part of the promotion of the Irish band’s debut album. For the United States tour, it is planned that the Inhaler will hold a concert in March 2022. In addition, this year the Inhaler will only focus on touring in the United Kingdom which will begin in early autumn.

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The first album from this inhaler band will be sold in 2 versions. There is a regular version and there is also a limited edition with special artwork. The special artwork is the work of Noel Fielding, a veteran British artist who is also one of the inspirations for the inhaler in his work. Inhaler admitted that they were very proud because their idol took the time to present a special composition for the Irish band’s debut album.

This limited edition debut album from the Inhaler band was released in the form of vinyl records. For Inhaler music fans, the only way to get these special LPs is to order through The Sound of Vinyl website with a pre-order system. While Polydor Records as the record label that houses the Inhaler will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of the regular version of the debut album of the band formed by Elijah Hewson, Robert Keating, Josh Jenkinson, and Ryan McMahon.