Norma Jean Band Releases New Music Video For 1994 Single

Norma Jean Band, a Metalcore unit has released the official music video for the 1994 song. This release consists of footage spanning the band’s entire career to date. Single 1994 itself is taken from Norma Jean’s ninth album, Deathrattle Sing For Me, which was released in August 2022 through Solid State Records.

“If you film your band for over 20 years and never do anything with it, you’ll get a box full of VHS and hi-8 tapes as I did. Instead of making the expensive documentaries you’ve always hoped for, just make a video of three minutes of music,” vocalist Cory Brandan said.

Norma Jean Band invites an intense level of intimacy in Deathrattle Sing For Me. The group plunged into unparalleled emotional depth as if their very existence depended on the catharsis promised by the album’s 13 tracks.

Norma Jean Band - 1994 singles

“This record is really about coming together. It embodies our sisterly friendship at Norma Jean. At that time, we needed something to do, and we wrote these songs for our own souls. The record needed to keep me alive in a sense which is very literal. This is a deeper place,” Brandan said.

The band found a distinctive style of fire on their second album, O’ God, The Aftermath, which was released in 2005. They formed a creative partnership with iconic producer Ross Robinson for Redeemer (2007) and The Anti-Mother (2008). The latter features performances by Chino Moreno from Deftones and Page Hamilton from Helmet.

Following their acclaimed album Meridional (2010), Wrongdoers (2013) received a critical response with a score of 9 out of 10 from Rock Sound and a score of 9 out of 10 from Outburn. Then following Polar Similar (2016), Norma Jean reaches another level in All Hail (2019).

In a perfect 5-star review, New Noize Magazine noted, “All Hail is another notable achievement on their part.” While Kerrang! noted, “All Hail’s ambition and execution is worthy of worship.”

Along the way, they toured with everyone from Rob Zombie and Korn to Mastodon, Lamb of God, and more.

Meanwhile back in 2021, Norma Jean recorded what would become Deathrattle Sing For Me with longtime collaborator Jeremy SH Griffith. They nod to inspirations as diverse as Alice in Chains’ Dirt, The Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream, and the sample-and-riff attack from White Zombie’s La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1.

Norma Jeans would then embark on a headlining tour with support from Fire From The Gods and Greyhaven.

Norma Jean Band was previously better known as Luti-Kriss. Norma Jean is a metalcore unit from Douglasville, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Since their inception in 1997, numerous lineup changes have left the band without original members. Now, Norma Jean is a quintet consisting of vocalist Cory Brandan, guitarist Grayson Stewart, drummer Matt Marquez, bassist Michael Palmquist, and guitarist Clay Crenshaw.

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To date, Norma Jean has released nine studio albums and received a Grammy Award nomination in 2006 for Best Recording Package for their second album O’ God, the Aftermath.

The fun fact is that the name Norma Jean is taken from the real name of actress Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean evolved from Luti-Kriss, the original Norma Jean lineup consisting of the last Luti-Kriss lineup, using additional percussion on the record instead of turntables. Drummer Daniel Davison at the time explained that the band got their name from actress Marilyn Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jeane Baker. It wasn’t until they decided on a name that they were “looking at a book” that apparently claimed that “Norma” meant “pattern,” and “Jean” meant “God’s grace and mercy,” combined to make “Pattern of grace and mercy.”

Regarding “musical style”, Norma Jean is more often described as a metalcore and hardcore punk unit. Additionally, the band’s style and sound have been described as being or containing elements of mathcore, post-hardcore, post-metal, sludge metal, and noise rock.

Until her current musical career, Norma Jean Band has released at least nine studio albums. Among them are Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (2002), O’ God, the Aftermath (2005), Redeemer (2006), The Anti Mother (2008), Meridional (2010), Wrongdoers (2013), Polar Similar (2016) ), All Hail (2019), and in 2022, they released the album Deathrattle Sing for Me.

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