How to Improve Articulation in Singing

How to Improve Articulation in Singing – Whether you are currently undergoing a profession as a singer or a music connoisseur in general, surely you have often heard the word “articulation”. However, what does articulation mean? In addition, some of you certainly understand what is meant by the general sense of articulation. However, how is it different from music?

For those who don’t understand the meaning of articulation, let’s know what articulation is in general. Articulation is a method of pronouncing or pronouncing words that occur through changes in the cavities and spaces in the vocal tract to produce language sounds. You could say this articulation sense is a technique in producing sound through the mouth so that it can be heard clearly for understanding communication.

In terms of articulation, it is also explained that this articulation area includes the lips to the vocal cords in the human body. The lips to the vocal cords play a role in producing phonemes from the vibrations of the vocal cords and changes in the position of the tongue in the mouth. So, this articulation is not only important for singers. For those of you who like public speaking, good articulation is needed too.

How to Improve Articulation in Singing

For musical matters, articulation is needed so that listeners can know the lyrics or stories conveyed by the vocalist or singer. You need to understand Superfriends, that a good sense of articulation for singers doesn’t only come from being able to reach high notes or having vocal techniques that are above average. The physical aspect of a singer or vocalist is also quite influential in the quality of the articulation delivered.

In order for a singer to have a good sense of articulation, posture is one factor that is quite supportive and useful. In singing, it is recommended that singers or vocalists always get used to a straight body position. Sturdy does not mean being in a nervous state, yes Superfriends. Still have to be able to feel relaxed.

Self-taught Articulation Practice

In order to produce a clear sense of articulation to convey, you can also familiarize yourself with how to practice. Good articulation is enough to get the influence of good physical condition too. Here is an articulation exercise that you can try on your own.

Keep a Straight Body

The first to solve How to Improve Articulation in Singing is to Keep a straight body. This good posture is useful for helping air circulation in the body. As you know, that both singing and speaking, making a voice in the sense of articulation requires good air circulation as well. In terms of articulation, this upright position can be done as part of an exercise to clarify diction when singing. When doing this exercise, make sure your head is in an upright position with your eyes straight ahead. Straighten the spine. Make sure not to slouch. Then puff out your chest and pay attention to the steady and slightly loose footrests straight with your shoulders.

Pay Attention to the Shape and Position of the Mouth

Furthermore, in interpreting the meaning of articulation well, it is important for you to pay attention to the position of the mouth during practice. When singing or speaking, in order to get a clear articulation, make sure the position and shape of the mouth must be open properly. This is necessary so that air can get in and out easily into and from the oral cavity. The right proportion of air will help you in producing a clearer and clearer voice or vocals. Do not force to form the position of the mouth if it is difficult. Do it slowly and get used to doing facial exercises so that the muscles around the face are more relaxed and make it easier for your training process.

Vocalist (How to Improve Articulation in Singing)

As a singer or vocalist, it’s best if you do basic vocal exercises and articulation exercises at the same time. In terms of articulation, there are vocalization exercises you can try. This vocalization exercise is done so that you can sound the sounds of the letters into living letters and clearly hear what is being conveyed. Like pronouncing A, I, U, E, O. It is important for a singer or vocalist to do vocalist exercises to improve articulation sense. This exercise aims to make the pronunciation or pronunciation of vowels and consonants clearer and more melodious when sung. Of course, this exercise also needs to be followed by other vocal technique exercises.

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Lip trill

The Next to solve How to Improve Articulation in Singing is Lip Trill. It is generally a vocal technique that focuses on your lips and the movement of your mouth. With the shape of the lips and mouth that are more elastic, it is hoped that it will also help you to be able to articulate well. Lip trill is a vocal training technique that requires you to vibrate your lips constantly. The main purpose of this vocal training technique is so that the mouth can adjust the characteristics of the sound released by the vocal cords so that you can minimize the presence of a shrill voice and reduce the risk of damage to the vocal cords due to singing. This vocal training technique will teach you to produce sounds from the front of the oral cavity. So, you can maintain the health of the band and use it more efficiently.

To learn this vocal training technique, first, you need to take a deep breath while closing your mouth. Then start vibrating the lips by exhaling slowly through the gaps of the lips. Maybe on the first try, you still can’t vibrate your lips constantly. However, it is natural to happen. Vocal practice with this technique does have a fairly high level of difficulty. Therefore, it is important for you to do this vocal exercise regularly every day.


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