Valeton GP-100, Great Mini Multi effects

Valeton GP-100  – Replacing a pedalboard with a single pedal would have been unthinkable for most guitarists 10 years ago, but a lot has changed in the world of pedal board-based multi-effects units. If reduction in size, practicality, and usability appeals to you then this article is sure to help you all out.

When digital processing becomes powerful enough to emulate digital sound effects and organic analog effects, the world of multi-effects begins. Some manufacturers are competing to present their respective flagship features. Some reduce the price without compromising the usefulness of the effect, others focus on the quality of the build without compromising practicality. Whatever the reason, today’s guitarists seem to benefit greatly, especially the opportunity to get to know and develop knowledge about the latest developments in effects.

There are so many advantages if we try to listen to the multi-effects that are currently circulating. Typically, it is quite similar, namely one multi-effect but has many uses. When viewed from the perspective of creativity this is clearly very helpful for guitarists of all levels. Benefits such as the dream sound that has been coveted for a long time are at least slightly represented or even songwriting that seemed complicated in the past is now more practical with the tools available from these multi-effects.

Valeton GP-100 mutli effect guitar

This article discusses one of the Valeton GP-100 guitar multi-effects products that caught my attention for various reasons. I will try to discuss it from the point of view of a songwriter and what advantages can be taken.

Apart from being quite a trend in the market, this product is fairly cheap when compared to what you can get. As stated on Valeton’s official website, this GP-100 model has a mission to capture the essence of the experience of creating music through user-friendly gear. If you catch the mission delivered, it’s no exaggeration if the Valeton GP-100 has more or less completed its mission.

This multi-effect frame is small in size and easy to carry anywhere. This unit is made of metal which is ready to be carried in the toughest situations for musicians, including the porter’s behavior at the airport by throwing our gear at will. Weighs 0.8 kg with a width of about 20 cm, a length of 14 cm, and a height of 3 cm. With a relatively small size, you can take it anywhere, wherever you like.

The GP-100 includes a powerful HD digital modeling system that gives users organic tones. Users can choose from over 140 effects and simulations of legendary guitar/bass/acoustic amps. In addition, it is also equipped with 40 types of IR Cab which are of sufficient quality with 198 presets that you usually use to store your favorite sounds.

If you look at this row of features, it’s clear that your chances of doing sound experiments to be recorded in your work or just trying to imitate the sounds of your favorite songs are quite wide. Starting from pop music, legendary rock, to the sound of contemporary metal music which is heavier. Just take some time to get to know the supporting features Like 3rd party IR support which makes it possible to create your favorite cabinet sound. For this need, the Valeton GP-100 offers 20 IR storage slots for users, please adjust it to what you need.

For musicians who enjoy jamming in the studio looking for song inspiration, you can also build your own effects signal chain, just as if you had a real pedalboard. Friends, just tinker with the needs of the song and band. Choose the appropriate one and try to choose a preset that stimulates the band. Because one thing I’ve learned to this day is that good and attractive sound effects and guitars in one condition can tempt us to be more productive in our work.

With this multi-effect, you can also expand your inspiration because the GP100 has a pre-effect looper feature, which means that when changing the effect the looper also changes. This feature is perfect for modifying looper phrases and taking your inspiration to the next level.

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Valeton GP-100‘s favorite feature for me is that it can be used as a USB audio soundcard by simply connecting the unit to a computer or mobile phone. Then you can record, mix, and share your work whenever you want. This feature definitely saves money, you don’t need to spend more to buy a sound card, but you can still document brilliant works and ideas that who knows will become hits in the future. So what are you waiting for, happy hunting, and make sure this gear helps you be more productive.