Foo Fighters Ready To Return To The Stage This Year

Foo Fighters – The departure of Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters forever certainly leaves a big space for the continuation of the rock band. However, in order to remember the legacy left by the late drummer, the band made by Dave Grohl decided to continue working.

Even though they have made a big decision, it seems that Foo Fighter is still in no rush to start a new chapter in their musical journey. According to the press release they made, there are still no plans for new works to be introduced by Foo Fighters in the near future

On the same occasion, Foo Fighters also explained that there would be a few changes they needed to make. These changes were made in order to accommodate the legacy of the drummer in their bodies. However, Foo Fighters hasn’t officially explained the details of what will be different.

Foo Fighters ready perform in 2023

In mid-January, Foo Fighters again announced that they were ready to return to the stage in 2023. Currently, the band made by Dave Grohl will visit three music festivals. Among them are Boston Calling, Sonic Temple, and also Bonnaroo.

Foo Fighters plans to release more information regarding their 2023 gig schedule. Even so, the rock band from the United States still hasn’t explained who will fill in the vacancy of Taylor Hawkins on drums for their stage this year. Let’s wait for further news.

However, this rock band from the United States is confident that they will return to greet their music fans in order to continue the musical spirit left by Taylor Hawkins in 2022. One of the efforts of the Foo Fighters to continue breathing they did in September last year.

On this occasion, Foo Fighters held a special concert to commemorate the departure of Taylor Hawkins. The concerts were held in two cities from different countries. The first stage was held in the city of Los Angeles, United States of America. Furthermore, a tribute concert for Taylor Hawkins was held in London, England.

In the concert, Foo Fighters invited several well-known musicians who have become friends and also have experience throughout the career that Dave Grohl’s band was founded. For example, names like Paul McCartney, Them Crooked Vultures, and Nandi Bushell were present to contribute their musical abilities at the concert.

In addition, the Foo Fighters also invited special guests to the concert for Taylor Hawkins. This special figure is the son of Taylor Hawkins who filled in on the drums for the Foo Fighters’ song My Hero. For those of you who know, this song is one of the emotional songs from Foo Fighters. Seeing the child play in the song adds an unforgettable meaning to the Foo Fighters.

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Outside the Foo Fighters, the latest work from Taylor Hawkins is now immortalized. Prior to his departure, the drummer was involved in a musical project with Edgar Winters and Doug Rapoport. The three musicians collaborated on playing covers of Johnny Winters’ songs.

In the history of Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins is an important figure in the career of this band made by Dave Grohl. The drummer turned Dave Grohl’s solo project into a band as soon as he joined in 1997. Previously, Taylor Hawkins’ prowess in music was quite well known. Taylor Hawkins had joined the band formed by Alanis Morissette.

Not only famous as a drummer in Foo Fighters, but Taylor Hawkins is also an important figure in the creative process of the American rock band. The drummer is known as a multi-instrumentalist musician. It’s not uncommon for Taylor Hawkins to show his contribution in playing piano, vocals, and guitar during the recording sessions of Foo Fighters,

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