Underoath Finally Releases New Single titled “Damn Excuses” After 3 Years

Underoath New Album – Almost three years without releasing a new song, Underoath surprised their fans. The metalcore unit from Florida, United States, shared a new single titled Damn Excuses.

This is the first new song from Underoath since they released their 8th album, Erase Me in 2018. If you look closely, the song Damn Excuses seems to remind us of the music in their early era: fierce and heavy.

As for the production side, the song was fully recorded and worked on by Underoath independently in guitarist Tim McTague’s Feral Sound studio. According to keyboardist Chris Dudley, the song Damn Excuses was present suddenly among the Underoath personnel.

It was also explained that this song was inspired by all the mixed feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in the past year. With all the limitations, many bands including Underoath have difficulty producing new songs or holding concerts.

Underoath New Album - Damn Excuses

“This song just popped up between us. Come to think of it, it seems like the outpouring of emotion and anxiety during the past year of isolation is the origin of this song,” Dudley explained to Loudwire.

“Your inability to express all these feelings and emotions finally emerged with a song that ended up being a therapeutic effect in itself for us. After ‘Damn Excuses’ officially came out, we became like getting excited again to sweat with people and live it all together, ” he added.

In addition, Next Mosh explained that the song Damn Excuses was inspired by Underoath’s experience of holding their live stream series last year titled Observatory, which received a positive response.

It was also reported that the song Damn Excuses would pave the way for Underoath’s ninth album. However, there has been no confirmation from Underoath himself regarding the news.

Underoath, who has been active since 1997, first released an album in 1999 with the title Act of Depression. Their existence in the world of rock music began to gain recognition and continued their works.

However, a storm hit them when they decided to take a hiatus in 2013 or three years after they released their seventh album, (Disambiguation). Two years after that hiatus, Underoath finally returned in 2015.

Underoath’s return to music activity led to the release of his eighth album, Erase Me. Erase Me marks Underoath’s comeback, after almost eight years without an album. They last hit (Disambiguation) in 2010. The album was co-produced by Matt Squire, who previously worked with Sum 41, Panic! at the Disco, Good Charlotte to Taking Back Sunday.

In addition to confirming the Underoath new album, they also released their debut single titled “On My Teeth”. This rock song with a duration of 3 minutes 11 seconds can now be watched via video clip format on their official YouTube channel. This slick video was produced by Andrew Joffe as the director.

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To celebrate the birth of a new album after a hiatus, Underoath had released a documentary in 2019 to show the creative process of the Erase Me album with the title Get Over It.

Get Over It is produced in collaboration with Underoath and videographer Dan Newman. This documentary will comprehensively showcase the creative and technical processes behind the Erase Me album.

“There were Nine Inch Nails moments, also Radiohead and some like Foo Fighters and other rock moments. Those things try to find their place in the DNA of every song, but at the same time, you know they all come from one family. I think the problem with Underoath back then was that we didn’t have a broad perspective on the creative process,” explains guitarist Tim McTague in the Get Over It trailer.

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