Microphone as One of The Important Equipment for Recording

Microphone Recording – Along with the microphone that you just bought, it doesn’t seem to stop there because you still need various accessories so that the use of a microphone to capture the sound of musical instruments can run optimally. Some accessories that are often bundled with microphones are microphone cables, microphone stands, and pop filters. Let’s just discuss one by one, guys.

Microphone Recording

Cable for Microphone Recording

In terms of the price of this special microphone cable, it varies from tens of thousands to millions. Maybe my friend will wonder, is there really a significant difference between cables whose price difference is quite far? My answer is that there should be a difference, but your chance to hear the difference will be quite difficult.

Microphone Cable

Let me explain further, basically, we have to agree that the microphone cable is not as important as the microphone itself, but the cable still has an important role to play in delivering a good signal. In fact, microphone cables are an important topic for most musicians, whether beginners or professionals, sometimes even beginners will be a little frustrated when they find out how difficult it is to determine which cables are good and bad or find a cable that fits your budget, this, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Before delving into the finer details of microphone cables, it’s helpful to start with a basic knowledge of studio cables in general.

Cheap Cable vs Cable for Microphone Recording

The difference between cheap cables and expensive cables lies in their anatomy. Basically, a standard cable design consists of 5 main parts:

  • Two Conductors (+/-)
  • Insulation
  • Fillers
  • Shield
  • Outer jacket (outer jacket)

Meanwhile, for premium cables, there are several factors that affect the price and use. Some of these aspects include Strand Count, The Lay, Shielding, Impact Absorption, Connector Conductivity, Star Quad Cabling. In essence, some of these aspects distinguish it from the type of cable that is cheap. The quality of these various aspects also affects the price. We will discuss the full details in the next article.

Everyone will have their own opinion in choosing these two types of cables, but the most common suggestions are:

Avoid those that are too cheap because usually, these cheap cables won’t break in a few weeks or if they are damaged they will be difficult to return. Also avoid those that are too expensive, unless your budget is not limited, because premium cables that are too expensive are good but sometimes for some people the performance you get is not worth the cost. I recommend a cable between 500 thousand to 1 million because you will get a combination of quality at an affordable cost.
If the end goal is to get the best cable for the minimum price, then these are the cables I recommend:

  1. Pro Co AQN
  2. Mogami Silver
  3. Rapco Horizon N1M1

Microphone Stand

A sturdy microphone stand is essential for studio or gig needs. Microphone stands are relatively inexpensive, so resist the temptation to buy a thin one. A good microphone stand has a solid base and can hold your favorite microphone securely. As someone who is wise, we should take care of the microphone by using a quality microphone stand because it is the best investment for my friend.

Microphone Stand and filter

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Pop Filter

Pop filters are spherical nylon objects deposited in front of a microphone that removes “pop” from the singer’s produced vocals (technically called plosives). A plosive is a sound produced by air that comes out (nasal or oral) completely closed and opens (closed) suddenly. These bursts are usually produced by singers when singing consonants. If we record vocals, a pop filter is a must-have accessory.