Meghan Trainor Title Album Review and Song List

Meghan Trainor Title Album Cover
Meghan Trainor Title Album Cover

This Meghan Trainor Title album seems fought with a long story to reach the top chart in the worldwide. So i will give you some information about this Meghan Trainor Title album strat from the story of the album until the song list of the album.

A career that slowly but surely seems to apply of this American singer and song writer . The Singer with the full name Meghan Elizabeth Trainor’s is actually not really a newcomer to the world music stage. Meghan which has been active since 2013 ago and had released several albums that are less audible in the international music industry, because it was released by indie label.

Only then in this 4th album, (major label debut) his name began to be heard and be calculated on the world music stage. Comes with fresh and distinctive sound character, become a selling point of this singer.

Just listen to the hits “All About That Bass” which became a Grammy Award nomination in the event last year for two categories of record of the year and song of the year. This song is nuanced blue eyed soul that comes with a simple arrangement with a strong feel of old school.

The song “Dear Future Husband” present a more energetic and the strong feel of old school still appears with an additional instrument play piano and trombone. While on the song “Like Im Gonna Lose You” in collaboration with John Legend, seem more jazzy, athough it still sounded old school. This ballad song character arrange with a wide power on the side of the acoustic sound.

The song “Lips Are Movin” comes with a touch of classic pop is also simple and with more unique arrangement. Megan Trainor seems success brings classic shades, became a song of interest in this era.

Suggestion: This Meghan Trainor title album can accompany you when chatting casually and accompany you while drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

Meghan Trainor Title Album Track List :

1). The Best Part (Interlude)

2). All About That Bass

3). Dear Future Husband

4). Close Your Eyes

5). 3am

6). Like Im Gonna Lose You (fr John Legend)

7). Bang Dem Sticks

8). Walkashame

9). Title

10). What If I

11). Lips Are Movin

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