How to Choose Guitar Pickups? Single coil or Humbucker?

How to Choose Guitar Pickups –┬áThere are many factors that will be considered by friends in choosing the most suitable electric guitar. Among them is the sound and also your music style. When we talk about both, it’s impossible not to talk about a tool that is found in almost all electric guitars, namely the pickup. This object will capture what ‘we are doing on the strings on the guitar that we use, which is then the vibration on the strings is converted into a signal which is continued through the cable and out through the amplifier.

Of course, it’s very easy for us to see how important this thing is, which makes us have to be more careful in choosing the pickup that will be used on our guitar.

For some friends, you may have heard (or even experienced) stories about the guitar sound that changed drastically after replacing the pickup on the guitar. For guitarist friends who haven’t experimented much in trying different types of pickups, and want to know How to Choose Guitar Pickups, it’s good to know the difference between single-coil pickups and humbuckers.

How to Choose Guitar Pickups

Different Single-Coil Pickups and Humbuckers

Single Coil

In the early ’50s, Fender released a series of broadcasters (now telecasters) and Stratocasters. And as we know, both use single-coil pickups.

Although the two guitar series have become legendary guitars, single-coil pickups have problems, because single-coil pickups tend to be more ‘noisy’. The single-coil pickup design makes it work much like an antenna, capturing and amplifying the 60-cycle hum of the room’s electricity.

Humbucker (How to Choose Guitar Pickups)

Over time, the problem with single-coil pickups was finally resolved with the invention of the humbucker. In theory, a humbucker uses a pair of reverse-polarized single-coil pickups to cancel the hum from a single coil. Or more simply, we just remember that the humbucker pickup is a solution to remove noise from single-coil pickups. And of course, the sound produced is different between humbucker and single coil.

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Single Coil vs Humbucker

The first thing to remember for How to Choose Guitar Pickups?: subjective. Which one is better is entirely subjective, because it will return to our taste and experience.

Single coil: Tends to have a lower output, with a more treble sound and a vintage feel. This pickup has a distinctive sound that is often heard in blues, classic rock, and country music. For more clarity, we can hear the sound of the Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Humbucker: Tends to have a large output, with a warmer or more bassy sound and certainly lower noise. The Gibson Les Paul is a good example of listening to the sound of a humbucker pickup.

As mentioned earlier, everything is subjective. Although we can conclude “for metal music means a humbucker pickup”, it all depends on taste.