Digitech Whammy Ricochet, The Minimalist Alternative to Whammy Pedal

Digitech Whammy Ricochet – As mini pedals have trended, DigiTech has finally gifted us with the smallest whammy pedal ever. When this thing was first released it did raise a few questions, such as “Would this effect still be called a whammy if it didn’t have a pedal?” or “Do we (the market) need another kind of ‘pitch shifting’ pedal?” and “Does this thing have the same ‘mojo’ as the original?”

The last question is quite unique, because since its inception 28 years ago, the whammy pedal is one of the pedals that is almost always present in every series of guitarists’ pedalboards. Because this pedal is one of the freshest and most expressive pedals, just like the whammy bar.

Like Other Pitch Shifting Pedals?

At first glance, this pedal is like any other pitch shift pedal; EHX Pitchfork, BOSS PS-5, etc. Even with almost similar features. One of the reasons DigiTech released this series is in terms of size. We all know the original shape of the whammy pedal is larger than the size of an ordinary effect pedal. As for this series, its relatively small size will make it easier to manage on a pedalboard. Also, what sets this effect apart from other pitch shift pedals is the control.

Digitech Whammy Ricochet

There are several features in addition to the features commonly found in other pedals, one of which is the feature to adjust the speed of how this object changes the pitch of our sound. That allows users to produce unique and flexible sounds. As previously mentioned, although at first glance like other pedals, Digitech Whammy Ricochet still has “something” in it.

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Original and Better

Although it has many new features, the taste of this effect remains the same as the original version. Starting from the sound quality to the way it works. It is very likely that many users of the original version of the whammy pedal will switch to this series. In addition to its minimalist shape, it is also because it is easier to use.

Room for Improvement

If you are a guitarist who is unfamiliar with these types of pitch-shift effects but likes to explore, this thing is the right choice because, with the sound quality it provides and also its sturdy construction, this thing comes at a price that is still reasonable.

In addition, replacing the original whammy pedal with Digitech Whammy Ricochet will automatically give more room to the pedalboard that we use, which means we will have more room to develop our sound, perhaps by buying new effects again.

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