Boss GT 1000 Review Ultimate Guitar

Boss GT 1000 Review – Hello and welcome back everybody to episode number three of the legitimate unboxing today we’re unboxing another box. This is very exciting and didn’t really anticipate these unboxings becoming a series. But here it is so there’s this company called Boss Roland and it’s essentially one company but the Boss. They do different effects for guitars and other knickknacks and Roland. Do keyboards amps speakers drums.

Basically, everything almost, I think, almost everything music related and together they’re called Boss, Roland and recently I somehow, through the grapevine, got on the phone with those people and we had a really fun conversation and they send me a box and now we’re gonna open that Box, it’s uh, I saw I sort of know what’s in the box, and probably you know already, because you read the video title or the description or you saw it in the thumbnail, but this is exciting.

This is uh. This is something now I got to figure out where the top is. I think this falls like I’m dropping it over. It falls like that. I think I think this is gonna be. Are we gonna open it? I have scissors, it’s really important and okay,  we got this tape.

Okay, we’re gonna cut it here. This is the most exciting part. This is legitimate unboxing. I have not seen the contents of this box so I’ll try to describe as best as I can, but you see what happens when you do legitimate unboxing and I’ve explained that in the prior episodes you get too excited and then you forget half the things that You were gonna, say so. You just have to you’ll just have to bear with me. Boss GT 1000 Review

Boss GT 1000 Review

Alright, I think scissors are no longer needed, so we rip this thing very cool, very secure shipping. That’s how it’s supposed to be lots of lots of air, and you can pop it. Oh, this is for later.

This is very therapeutic. I’m gonna use this later we’re just gonna take it out and we can take a peek. Take a peek into the box check this out, it’s GT and 1000. This is a brand new effect and amp. This, like does everything you know, except for meal preparation other than that it does everything check this out check that this box.

This is guitar effects, processor and oh, this is very cool. It opens like that. This is that’s how Boss things come. You know they always come neatly packaged and assuming it’s gonna be the power supply here and some other cables.

This is tiny. I thought I was gonna be bigger. We got instructions, usually, I would throw them into the trash. This is a brand new thing and I have had we’re gonna need this we’re gonna use this as our reference to close this up the all right rip.

This open this is uh so from what I was told. Basically, it has everything in regards to guitar, processing, and guitar effects, and this is a brand new technology, Aird.

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So, instead of like GT 100 and then you know adding another zero, they actually I look things up and they rebuild it from a ground-up check out the back, all kinds of switches in the back. You can you have sent and returns and sends again and XLR the sub outs.

Oh my god! This is great. You know my first pedal ever when I came to us it took me a little bit of time to save up to it. It was boss, RC 3, which was a loop station and then most of the pedals that follow afterward were also all boss, and actually, my synthesizer is Roland. I had a Roland drum pad, my looper is by box, you know, and all of those pieces you know it took a lot of time.

You know to save up money to actually buy it, and now I have this relationship the beginning of the relationship with Boss, Roland, which is very exciting. I don’t know what to call it. I don’t know if it’s like an artist endorsement or kind of thing.

I just call it like a relationship we haven’t hung out, yet you know they haven’t like invited me to dinner or – or you know if they’re like getaway weekend, villa there’s, none of that yet, but it’s really exciting. This is just an unboxing video.

I’m gonna make an in-depth review of this piece in another video and I’m gonna be using it and there’s gonna be some exciting announcements. I was told, there’s gonna, be something there’s gonna, be something really exciting.

I think as this week announced – and I will announce it to once – they tell me what that is. It’S like it’s very interesting. You know confidential. There’S confidential information. There is some information sort of like almost like Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in this case, it’s a Boss role that Roland get our guitar Matic musical universe. You know, let’s open this box just for shits and giggles. I have a pretty good clue of what’s gonna be in here. We have this rapper.

Okay, we got power supply one end and then we have another end of power supply, and this is so here it is Boss, GT-1000 legitimate unboxing, I’m gonna try to. I can feel you in the comments now I just plug it. In man plug it in I’m gonna plug it in, and I’m gonna look play through different presets or banks that are already in it and I’m not gonna I’m not gonna talk, I’m just gonna, be you know, playing with some sounds.

Boss GT 1000 Review Ultimate Guitar

Now we start So we start Boss GT 1000 Review. This is something you normally control with your feet, but I just want to have it up here, so I can, you know, look at it and so you can see within the frame what it looks like. So this is, I haven’t messed. I literally just plugged it in, and I have it running to my recorder.

You know so you can hear what I’m hearing and this is a factory presets on number one. We have the premium drive, which sounds like and the expression pedal is assigned as a volume.

What happens? Let’S see? What happens if I seem to be this is control? One seems to be like a boost, more drive, control. There’S like a long tail of delay. Oh control, three is a tutor.

I won’t need to quip a little thing here to tune it. That’S cool! Oh, you insisted of course. Of course. Oh, look, you can’t you can change between types like a six-string, regular I’ll just set it to seven-string.

Regular! You can choose your own offset pitch, you can choose to be muted or not. So I’m hitting a string. Well, you can see I’m all flat. A little bit out of tune well, some of the strings on my guitar in tune, and some of the strings are not int, but you can set this thing up any way you want to.

I just went to a one to deep shimmer or reverb what I’m trying, I think, so I think what it is. So these are each the two jet digit number has five versions of it, and then you have essentially three controls and then expression, and then you switch between banks and then you can put it in different patches. Different amounts of gang gay, knob bass, treble a BPM patch level.

You can, oh, my it’s like I’ll have to it’ll. Take me a little bit of time to really go through it, because you can it’s like impulse response like they have like, like almost like artificial intelligence or watch.

My call it like really acting like what a real amp would act like well, not even playing anything, this it’s like a movie score. It’S like Oh, so it’s like a hole.

Oh my god! This is a. This is very nice. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It not only has like every boss, like you know, like delay. Distortion has amp effects, cabinet responses. You know what are those like: it’s not a single pedal, but the boss has a like DD 500.

I think they have like RV 500 and like MD 500. Those are like like really like with digital, so those three things are in it or in this thing. So that’s why I’m like actually was like remember.

I remember looking up on that on that on that on the catalog and – and I wanted to get like an MD 500 and it was like nothing like $ 500. I’m like I was like thinking.

Okay, where should I get gigs right? You know I would get more tips in my hat, it’s like I could buy that thing and I was like counting months how long it would take me to save up and now boss. You know sends me this thing anyway. I can just you know I’ll just keep.

I probably could like to go and through each preset and react to it and play something on it, and it’s probably gonna be like a 2-hour video but we’re gonna leave. Thank You, Boss, Roland lookout, for a Boss GT 1000 Review.