Grimes Presents Futuristic Music for the Rocket League

GRIMES – As one of today’s explorative and innovative pop musicians, his loyal fans have always been waiting for new works from Grimes. Luckily, now loyal Grimes fans don’t have to wait long to enjoy the musician’s unique work. The reason, Grimes finally released a new song called Player Of Games. This is Grimes’ latest solo work after the last time the musician released the album, Miss Anthropocene, in 2020.

In his latest song, Player Of Games is a special offering from Grimes. The reason is, this work is an interpretation of the musician to be involved in a popular online video game soundtrack, Rocket League. In preparing the song Player Of Games, Grimes worked closely with Illangelo who was sitting on the producer’s chair. In producing a song for a video game, Grimes decided to have a lively musical feel.

The touch of passionate music comes through elements of a synthesizer and also elements of thick EDM music. As you know, Grimes is one of the pop musicians who quite often combine various musical elements in each of his works. For the Player Of Games song, Grimes gave eccentric music again.

Grimes - Player Of Games for Rocket League

The latest single from Grimes was released in early December. To present the appropriate nuance, Grimes also presents a lyric video with a futuristic theme. For those who don’t understand what Rocket League is. The game has a thick visual with a futuristic feel. Therefore, Grimes tries to bring harmony as part of the identity of the song.

The presence of Player of Games is proof of Grimes who plans to return to being active in music this year. This was previously revealed by the musician in the middle of 2021. On that occasion, Grimes wanted to satisfy his musical exploration by collaborating. One collaborator that Grimes revealed in 2021 is a British DJ named Chris Lake. The latest collaboration project that was revealed was announced by Grimes via a video upload.

Even though it is the latest update of Grimes’ activities as a musician, it seems that the collaboration video happened in the past and has never been exposed at all. The international media have not yet received an estimate of when the collaboration on stage between Grimes and Chris Lake will take place. When uploading a video of the collaboration he did with Chris Lake, Grimes also added a caption that seemed to point if the musician would soon realize the collaboration officially. Responding to the caption uploaded by Grimes, the music lovers from the Canadian musician also welcomed the discourse expressed.

If the collaboration will be officially released by Grimes, then the song will be the first new song released by the musician after he successfully released the remix album, Miss Anthropocene, in January. Earlier in February, Grimes also announced that he had plans to release his fifth album. The plan for Grimes’ new album was officially reported by the musician through a live initiation on Youtube. In February, Grimes stated that he had plans to release a new single in April. However, until now, the Canadian musician has yet to announce definite signs when his new song will be released.

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However, from the live video, Grimes explained that the process of recording a new album that he was working on had entered the final stage. Even so, Grimes added that the Covid-19 pandemic was a big obstacle to being able to complete the process. The Canadian musician also confirmed that he still has no plans to release a video clip if the single from his new album is released in order to break the chain of the spread of the virus that can have a negative impact on health and family members.

Grimes is known to be increasingly wary of the spread of the Coronavirus since he tested positive for the virus a few months ago. Grimes also stated that he was discussing the concept of collaborative work with Carolyne Polachek. The Canadian musician admires Carolyne Polachek as a musician. Even Grimes expressed his admiration by stating that Carolyne Polachek is an intelligent musician and it is difficult for her to compete with the talents of her prospective collaborator.

The uniqueness of the musical approach is indeed one of Grimes’ identities which is still closely attached to this day. One of these unique musical explorations was also shown by Grimes through his latest work, AI Lullaby. This latest work by Grimes is a collaborative project between musicians born under the name Claire E.