Valeton GP 200 Guitar Effect Review

Valeton GP 200 – The impression that can be captured from this amp modeler, which is quite commensurate with the price, is that this digital effect has many effects and presets. Quality sound, good control, simple, organized, not confusing, quality foot switch, layer display, and easy on the eyes module. Maybe there are many more features that have not been mentioned further.

As shown on the official website, Valeton GP 200 this effect was born to be used on stage. The number of guitarists who use this effect on stage or at home shows that this effect is in the spotlight. So, what are the real advantages of this Valeton GP 200? Let’s just talk briefly.

Review of Valeton GP 200 Guitar Effect

In terms of material quality, I think this effect is quite promising. The metal case and metal pedals make it very sturdy. Connectivity is also arguably smart. That is, You can also use USB-C, a separate midi in out plus xlr L/R, and an L/R jack output that deserves a thumbs up.

Reporting from its official website, the Valeton GP 200 applies HD digital modeling technology accumulated over the years from the diligent efforts of the Valeton team. The Valeton GP-200 features hundreds of tone editions of the world’s classic amplifiers and stompboxes backed by great dynamics too. Combining 140 simulations of legendary amplifiers and cabinets and 100 famous stompbox effects pedals, plus 20 built-in IR cabinet slots, the Valeton GP-200 guarantees sound great on stage.

Valeton GP 200 Features

  • 24-bit 44.1kHz audio conversion
  • HD modeling technology carried by the new digital platform delivers more organic tones
  • Over 240 high-quality effects
  • 140+ legendary guitar/bass/acoustic amps, cabinets
  • Supporting 20 user IRs storage
  • 100+ dynamic/distortion/frequency/modulation/delay/reverb effects
  • Up to 11 freely movable modules in the effect chain are able to work simultaneously
  • 256 patch slots (100 factories, 156user)
  • 100 high-quality drum patterns
  • 180-second looper
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD presents an intuitive, user-friendly multi-language UI
  • Sensitive built-in chromatic tuner
  • Built-in expression pedal controlling up to 3 effect parameters
  • 8 customizable LED footswitches with 3 footswitches templates, applicable for various situations
  • Diverse I/Os matching with diverse needs
  • Numerous button and knob shortcuts bring efficiency home
  • 6-in/4-out USB Audio, supporting loopback, and more convenience for re-amping
    Intuitive Win/Mac editor
  • USB Type-C connection audio interface compatible with Win/Mac/iOS/Android systems
  • DC 9V power supply
  • Rugged cast metal chassis

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Implementing optical sensor technology, this beautifully crafted expression pedal comes with an extremely smooth and sensitive touch. Capable of controlling multiple effects parameters, this pedal dynamically brightens up your inspiration for songwriting and jamming.

Various I/O jacks, and various scenarios that can be used to connect this effect to other devices: 1/4″ TS instrument input, 2* unbalanced 1/4″TS outputs, 2 balanced XLR outputs, 1/4″ FX LOOP I Unbalanced /O for connecting other gear, 1/8″ headphone output, 1/8″ Aux Stereo input, standard 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT (THRU) jack for further control expansion, 1/4″ TRS EXP/ jack FS.

What I find interesting is that the 4.3″ 480*272 TFT LCD feature will make it easy to operate while including all important information on one direct screen. Another feature is, to distribute effect sequences effectively the GP-200 has 11 switchable effect modules that can work simultaneously, each module running an independent simulation. By replacing them and testing them yourself, you can emulate guitar sounds from your favorite guitarists.

If only in a live performance situation or on a larger stage situation it is very safe, that means the Valeton GP 200 will also certainly be able to accompany you in various scenarios including daily practice, songwriting, and recording sessions. Especially for those who like jamming, this effect is also equipped with a looper with a max duration. 180 seconds and a drum machine with 100 different patterns that will boost songwriting productivity.

If used as a soundcard or interface, Valeton also provides free ASIO Drivers for Windows users. Comes with compatible software, making it effective to connect PC/Mac computer software with a USB cable just like a pro, and seems to take your musicianship level up.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the downloadable editor to edit guitar tones, upgrade firmware, and load/edit/manage 3rd party IRs.

To be objective, I also feel some of the shortcomings that are felt after using it for a month. Delay seems to need a software upgrade, as some of the filters seem to be missing, especially the lo-pass filter which would be a nice addition if included.

Other effects such as reverb and pitch-shift also in my opinion really need to be improved. So in short, this unit is very promising where a firmware update might take Valeton to the highest level of the multi-effects amp modeler contest.

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