Orange Micro Terror Amp Review

Orange Micro Terror Guitar Amplifier

Orange Micro Terror – If at this time you need an amp with a small size but capable of producing a sound that is bigger than its size, the Micro Terror Orange guitar amplifier head is the answer. This head can be considered very small but can still be calculated. The Micro Terror is a …

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Laney Ministack, Small Amplifier with Big Sound Quality

laney ironheart mini stack

Laney Ministack is practical and easy to carry everywhere and seems very suitable for guitarists with high mobility. Apart from not eating up a lot of space, we also don’t have to bother taking tours or musical activities outside the home. So, You may also already know that several big brands offer a lot of …

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Bugera 6262 Infinium Amps Review

Review of Bugera 6262 Infinium Amps

Bugera 6262 – As knowledge of sound increases, a guitarist (especially metal guitarists) will experience a phase to remodel or experience a renewal of the gear they use. There was a time when amp/analog distortion sounds sounded better than digital distortion sounds. For guitarists who are going through this phase usually already understand the gear, …

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Randall Thrasher Amps Review

Review of Randall Thrasher Amps

Randall Thrasher – Over the past two decades, Randall’s amps have played an important role in shaping modern metal sound. Starting with Dimebag Darrel and also other big names like; Nuni Bettencourt, Ola Englund, Hammet, Ian, and Lynch. In April 2012, Randall released a series of amps that are currently Randall’s flagship product, the Thrasher …

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Tube Amplifier or Solid State? What is Your Choice?

Tube Amplifier

Tube Amplifier Solid State – Choosing an amp can be said to be difficult, the picture above is an example of a case that occurs when a guitar player begins to complete his gear by buying an amp. if we covered all aspects of the amp it would probably need a longer and more in-depth …

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Volume and Gain Knobs, What is Different?

Volume and Gain

Volume and Gain – For guitarists, the terms gain and volume are not foreign terms. Because almost every amplifier there is always a ‘gain’ and ‘volume’ knob. But even though we often use the knob, it turns out that there are still some who don’t really understand the term and the difference between the two. …

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