Revocation Band Releases New Music Video For Godforsaken

Revocation Band, a progressive death metal outfit has released a new music video for their track Godforsaken. The song is included in the band’s current album, Netherheaven. The music video was directed by David Brodsky and Allie Woest of My Good Eye.

Revocation Band guitarist and vocalist, David Davidson, said: “Heavy metal heathens rejoice! Today we’re premiering our new music video for Godforsaken which was once again filmed by the dynamic directing duo David Brodsky and Allie Woest. We’ll be playing this one live over the next few months on our upcoming world tour. Get ready to do some exercise in the pits for this banger!”

Revocation Band kicks off in 2023 with a headlining European tour. They are not alone, but with several special guests such as Goatwhore, Alluvial, and Creeping Death. Their tour started on January 19, 2023, in Wiesbaden, Germany, and ended on February 18, 2023, later in Hannover, Germany.

Revocation Band - Godforsaken

Revocation’s eighth full-length album, Netherheaven, was released in September 2022 through Metal Blade Records. This album also took up to four years to work on. Totality and really not playing games.

Revocation’s Netherheaven album—which includes Davidson (vocals/guitar), Ash Pearson (drums), and Brett Bamberger (bass)—carefully explores the allegorical and literal aspects of ‘Hell’. This comes after they dug deeper into the dark, more sinister side of death metal.

In short, Revocation’s previous album, The Outer Ones (2018), dumped Revocation into the mouth of the macabre cosmos. Meanwhile, Netherheaven deftly passes through the nine rings of Hell to face Lucifer and his multifaceted faces head-on.

“We definitely have a death metal mindset more than any other album in the Revocation catalog. We’re focused on how we can write the best death metal-centric album we can while still pushing our limits. New songs on Netherheaven are evil and scary, but also have a progressive element to it to keep it interesting,” said Davidson.

Netherheaven was written during downtime after the album cycle for The Outer Ones was completed. Nine of the songs on the album were written solely by Davidson, who spent his time kneeling at the altar with Luc Lemay (Gorguts), Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Marty Friedman (Megadeth), and renowned jazz guitarists Wes Montgomery and Kurt Rosenwinkel. In between writing killer riffs and absolutely wild solos, Seven Strings also practices (technique), learns (theory), and teaches guitar.

The revocation Band really changed gears as Davidson used audio engineering (with Apple’s Logic Pro) to effectively use the pandemic-era lockdown. It made perfect sense for him to lead the engineer and producer chair at HeatWave Studios which he had just built for the Netherheaven album. Revocation then hired Swedish studio ace Jens Bogren (Opet, Kreator) to mix and a master at Fascination Street Studios.

“We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this album. We want people to be inspired. It’s brutal. We brought our A-game to Netherheaven,” Davidson said.

Revocation is a death metal band from Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Dave Davidson, bassist Brett Bamberger, and drummer Ash Pearson. The band has released eight studio albums, two EPs, and ten music videos since their formation.

In 2000, guitarist/vocalist Dave Davidson, drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne, and bassist Anthony Buda met while attending high school in Boston, Massachusetts. Their band was formed and influenced by Guns N’ Roses and Metallica, all three of whom formed Cryptic Warning.

As Cryptic Warning, the band recorded its first demo in 2002 and gained an underground following in Boston and its suburbs. A second demo, Internally Reviled, was recorded in 2004. In 2005, Cryptic Warning recorded and released an independent album, Sanity’s Aberration, but was dissatisfied with the album’s production quality.

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Recalling the record, Davidson said: “We didn’t record an album with a metal guy, so we didn’t get the sound we wanted. The toughest reference in our producer’s discography is The Cult. A lot of people still love the record. Our longtime fans used to show up on all the shows—but for us, we weren’t really happy with the production. We felt like it was one of the mistakes we made.”

Revocation’s music has been described as a fusion of technical death metal and thrash metal. The defining characteristics of the Revocation’s sound include the “complex guitar-bass interaction” of dissonant riffs, bass breaks, and “shredded” guitar solo joined by a “thumping” double bass drum, death metal tempos, and hard rock grooves. Her vocals range from death growls to grindcore screams, while “still recognizable as a human voice”. Starting with a self-titled album, the band has used seven-string guitars to expand their range.

So far, Revocation Band has scored at least eight albums such as Empire of the Obscene (2008), Existence Is Futile (2009), Chaos of Forms (2011), Revocation (2013), Deathless (2014), Great Is Our Sin (2016), The Outer Ones (2018), and Netherheaven (2022).

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