Kid Brunswick Releases Massive New Single, Blow

Kid Brunswick is back with a big new single called Blow. The musician, whose real name is Harry James, says that Blow is a song about embracing the chaos.

Kid Brunswick also stated that he hasn’t released any music in over a year. So that in this single Blow, he is excited to release it so that people can listen to his new song.

The song Blow marked the beginning of a new era for Kid Brunswick’s project as an artist. Kid Brunswick really feels like he’s fully developed his voice and is now ready to share it with the world.

Kid Brunswick - album Blow

Kid Brunswick is currently in Los Angeles and is writing and recording more new music.

For someone who is only 22 years old, Harry James has been through a lot. Even in his statement, Kid Brunswick had thought he would die before he was 20 years old. This young musician from London, England struggled with substance abuse, underwent rehabilitation, and experienced a childhood that made him bounce from one school to the next due to a complicated home life which later caused distrust to appear in him in other people.

Having made his way out of that dark side of life, Harry has now adopted a straight lifestyle and is fully focused on his music as Kid Brunswick. Despite not having played a single show, Kid Brunswick amassed a significant online following his debut record which was released in 2019.

A chaotic mix of punk, hip-hop, and alternative rock with a genre-fluid approach similar to that of other acts such as De’Wayne and YUNGBLUD; is present in Kid Brunswick’s music. But his voice is much darker than De’Wayne and YUNGBLUD’s; reflects the complicated and messy path his life has taken so far. Since Harry had always felt like a loner, he was happy for his songs to be in a world of their own.

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Kid Brunswick admits that he enjoys being the underdog and is just waiting for his time to shine. Even though his name is not as high as the names of new musicians at this time, Mike Shinoda was in fact very impressed with Kid Brunswick’s 2020 single, Bipolar Rhapsody.

Mike Shinoda contacted Harry to ask him to collaborate and eventually, he became the executive producer of the XFOREVER mixtape as well as writing other songs.

Mike Shinoda declared on Kerrang! if there was an instant connection between him and Harry’s music in the Kid Brunswick project. Moreover, Harry took his advice well.

Kid Brunswick admitted that he was very happy to have the experience of working with Mike Shinoda to make the leader of Linkin Park a true hero for him.

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