World Celebrity Grieving for Brutal Shooting in Orlando

The atmosphere around the incident

The atmosphere around the incident

Sunday (12/06/2016), is a dark day for the history of the United States. In those days, there was a mass shooting incident with the highest number of casualties in the history of the country.

Inevitably, these events immediately invited the emotions of many parties, including Hollywood celebrities. Not a few of them poured condolences through social media accounts respectively.

Reporting from Inquisitr, Monday (06/13/2016), a number of world celebrities starts from John Legend, Ricky Martin, to Lady Gaga, revealing his grief.

“This is a traumatic turn of events and emotional for a lot of people at once. I dream of a world that is able to think about what we have done to eliminate this violence,” said Lady Gaga.

Reese Witherspoon also send prayers to the victims in Orlando. “I was gutted attempts to this nightmare. I pray for Orlando and suffering that caused by this absurd violent incident,” he said.

There was John Legend revealing discourse that Americans should immediately do something useful to prevent this incident from happening. “I was so horrified by the mass shooting incident in Orlando. What can we do to prevent a shooting rampage like this?” he said.

Ellen DeGeneres (Aceshowbiz)
Meanwhile, in view of the shooting which took 50 casualties occurred in a nightclub for LGBT, celebrity same-sex enthusiasts feel very upset by this news. Ellen expressed briefly in Twitter.

“Crying sobbed,” said the popular talk show host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Likewise with Lance Bass, former member of boy band NSYNC. “I was struck by the events in Orlando. My tears could not stop. My heart is with you g * y male and sister and their families,” said Lance Bass about Orlando’s shooting.