Wolf Alice Tops UK Albums Chart Thanks to ‘Blue Weekend’

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend – The hard work of the London indie rock unit, Wolf Alice, has paid off. Their third album, entitled Blue Weekend, received a standing ovation so that they managed to carve a special note in their career.

The album was originally planned to be released on June 11, 2021, but Wolf Alice was actually able to speed up the production of this album so that it was released earlier on June 4. It didn’t take long for this Wolf Alice album to get great attention from the music lovers in the UK.

On Friday (11/6/2/21), Wolf Alice officially overtook newcomer female singer, Olivia Rodrigo, in scoring the UK’s number one album chart with ‘Blue Weekend’. They have also claimed the biggest opening week for an England group in 2021.

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice’s new album debuted at the top spot with over 36,000 sales of which 14,700 were vinyl copies. The group also overtook Royal Blood to claim the biggest opening week for a British group of 2021 so far.

This nick is definitely a special note for Wolf Alice because their two previous albums, My Love Is Cool (2015) and ‘Visions Of A Life’ (2017) occupy the second position album on the UK chart. “Roses are red, purple is blue, we always thought we were going to be Number 2 – but we weren’t! Yes!,” said Wolf Alice about their achievements.

Before officially releasing his third album (Wolf Alice Blue Weekend), Wolf Alice released several singles periodically. After the opening song The Last Man on Eart was introduced, Wolf Alice re-released the second single titled Smile on April 20. Just like the previous song, the single debuted on the nnie Mac’s show on BBC Radio 1.

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In a virtual interview session, the band fronted by Ellie Rowsell (vocals, guitar), Joff Oddie (guitar, vocals), Theo Ellis (bass), and Joel Amey (drums, vocals) admitted that their new album feels more ambitious than other music projects. which they have worked in the past.

“We did the best we could, how to make the album we wanted. We discussed our vision and how we felt,” said Joel Amey.

Because it was done more ambitiously than the previous album, Ellie Roswell said their listeners could easily find the difference between this work and what they had released before.

“There are probably a lot of songs on this album that sound different when you listen to our old songs. This was made with a stronger process and experience as a musician working on a record,” said Ellie.

When asked about what the Blue Weekend album actually is, Theo Ellis said their work could be interpreted differently by each person who listens to it.

“I think it’s possible that everyone who listens to the lyrics can interpret it differently. We understand that everyone has their own awareness of music. It’s okay because our goal in making music is so that people can explore their own emotions. That’s the beauty of music,” he said. he. Enjoy our new album Wolf Alice Blue Weekend.