Tyler The Creator, Finally Releases Sixth Album

Tyler The Creator – Rapper whose name is currently on the rise, Tyler, The Creator, has finally released a new album. The figure with the real name Tyler Gregory Okonma released his sixth album entitled Call Me If You Get Lost.

Released under the label A Boy Is a Gun and Columbia Records, this album officially hit the market on June 25, 2021. Tyler, The Creator announced the details of his new album one week before its release or on June 17 last.

Through uploads on his Twitter account, Tyler, The Creator shared the album cover for Call Me If You Get Lost. Tyler, The Creator also shared a link to his official website with details on pre-orders for the album in various formats.

Tyler, The Creator also released a teaser video titled SIde Street on his Twitter account on June 14th, the video was directed by Tyler, The Creator himself with the moniker Wolf-Haley as Tyler’s alter-ego, The Creator.

Tyler, The Creator

The teaser video comes less than a week after several billboards on the streets of the United States just displayed the words “Call Me If You Get Lost” and phone numbers began popping up in various locations, fueling fan speculation that the rapper would begin releasing his new album.

The number led fans to an automated voice recording featuring Tyler, The Creator, and his mother mostly talking about a mother’s love for her son. Two days later or on June 16, Tyler, The Creator finally released the first single on this album entitled “Lumberjack”.

Then on June 22, 2021, Tyler, The Creator released the second single from his new album with the title “WusYaName”. This song is again accompanied by a music video directed by Tyler, The Creator with his alter-ego moniker.

Meanwhile, the album Call Me If You Get Lost is Tyler’s latest album, The Creator after releasing an album titled Igor in May 2019. This work became one of the factors that made Tyler’s name, The Creator skyrocketed lately because it managed to become his first album to debut at number first in the United States.

As one of the freshest names to emerge from the hip-hop scene in the late 2000s era was Tyler, The Creator. Advance as a rapper, producer, and founding member of the Odd Future collective, Tyler, The Creator is known as a musician who channeled “new” alternative rap works with his aesthetically compatible crew.

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From him, Tyler, The Creator was able to lead their collective work into a new mainstream product that is accepted by many people.

Starting from several materials such as the album Earl (2010) belonging to rapper Earl Sweatshirt, The OF Tape, Vol. 2 (2012) by Odd Future, to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange (2012) which won a Grammy; Tyler, The Creator is involved in all of that, showing off his skills as a quality musician, both behind the studio as a producer, and in front of the mic as a rapper.

In his solo career, there have been five albums that have graced the discography of this young man born in 1991, which describes the change from a “rude” and messy rapper, to a more charming and moral character. However, not infrequently his work is able to meet all these extreme boundaries. All of Tyler’s solo albums The Creator have landed in the Top Five of the Billboard Top 200 charts. In fact, his most recent album, IGOR (2019), is his second album to win a Grammy award.

Before releasing his new album, Tyler, The Creator had worked on a collaborative project. He was joined by fellow American singer, Brent Faiyaz, in a collaboration single titled Gravity. Released on January 29, 2021, the song was produced by DJ Dahi who previously worked with Drake and Vampire Weekend.

Previously, DJ Dahi also produced Tyler, The Creator in a collaboration single with Channel Tres entitled Fuego. Meanwhile, this is the first time Tyler, The Creator, and Faiyaz have worked together and the song will also be Tyler’s first song, The Creator in 2021.

Gravity is a rhythmic rap track that combines Faiyaz’s amazing vocals with catchy beats. Tyler, The Creator hit the track with his brilliant rap talent to follow Faiyaz’s lyrics.