Tom Morello Signature Guitar

Tom Morello Signature Guitar – After leaving their online tutorial platform free for three months, renowned American guitar manufacturing company Fender has unveiled its lineup of special collections collaborating with iconic musicians across genres. With this announcement, the 2020 Artist Series collection is officially opened and the first name that comes out of it is the one and only, Tom Morello!

Having finally been reborn, Tom Morello along with Rage Against the Machine will return to the tour. The American rap-metal legend will be picking up his suitcases and traveling North America in 2020, and along with the tour Tom Morello will be performing with a new “Soul Power” Stratocaster guitar that Fender has worked on.

Designed to match Tom Morello’s unique sound and style of whammy pedals and toggle switching, this new “Soul Power” guitar comes with a bound-top body and a Deep-C maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, it also features a kill switch toggle. . Not only that, this guitar also uses a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails humbucker pickup bridge. The end result looks scary and iconic! Check out the snippet below:

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On this guitar, Tom Morello took to Instagram and stated, “I’ve been designing this Soul Power guitar for a long time, and even though the world is in turmoil, many fans are still waiting for this guitar to arrive. So, here it is. The guitar that always gives me joy, purpose, and escapes from my problems every time I play it.”

Tom Morello Signature Guitar

“I hope he can do the same for you. Stay healthy and rock on!” the lid.

This new guitar looks fresh with a glossy black and silver color, giving it a strong character from the words “Soul Power” that adorns the body. Interested in Tom Morello Signature Guitar? You can see the full spec, or order it directly on their site.