Tom Delonge Quits Blink 182 For Finding Aliens


tom delonge

Tom DeLonge back voiced about the quits from Blink 182. As quoted from the pages of Spin, Tuesday (06/21/2016), the founder of the musical project Angels and Airwaves are claiming to want to focus search for the existence of aliens.

“Yes … I’ve always had a great interest in the future and outer space. But once you immerse yourself into it, you will find many things that is much larger than just science and technology,” said Tom seriously.

“All of this relates to religion and cosmology, which of course is also related to political and confidentiality. So this is really fantastic,” he continued.

nature of the occasion, Tom also denied his decline from Blink 182 based on the big fight. He emphasized that a major step is taken for the sake of its own security.

“When you become an individual like me. Dealing with something related to national security. Where were you given the opportunity to communicate with something that is a dream for a long time, I think you will understand,” said Tom.

“It could be a small part of that is something that is important to the way my life. But I can not do all the work at once. I can not do a tour up to nine months a year and try to do all these great things,” he said.

tom delonge alien

Meanwhile, Blink 182 will launch its seventh album, California on July 1, 2016. The band is now fronted by Mark Hoppus (vocals, bass), Matt Skiba (vocals, guitar) and Travis Barker (drums) will also soon begin a long tour with All Time Low and The All-American Rejects.