The Killers Will Release Their 7th Album Soon

Had become one of the icons for modern rock music thanks to the explosion of the single Mr. Brightside, The Killers is still active to continue to explore music seriously. This seriousness was seen when The Killers released their sixth album during the pandemic in 2020. This year, it seems that The Killers’ passion for work has not been extinguished. The reason is, the band from the United States has revealed that they will release their seventh album in August.

The news about The Killers’ new album was actually brought up by Brandon Flowers as a vocalist in April. At that time, Brandon Flowers explained that The Killers had just finished recording without giving further information about when The Killers’ new album would be released. The release schedule does not seem to be of much interest to fans, because it is known that The Killers had already released their sixth album titled Imploding the Mirage last year.

It was only recently that the drummer in The Killers, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. revealed that the band plans to release a seventh album in the near future. Statement of Ronnie Vannucci Jr. This was revealed while attending an interview invitation for Sarah Hagan‘s podcast Backstage. The Killers drummer stated that The Killers’ seventh album will be released in the same month as their sixth album, August.

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The drummer in The Killers also explained that the material that fills their seventh album is dominated by several songs that they had made for last year’s project. So, there is a slight relationship and it can also be concluded that this seventh album is a direct follow-up album from Imploding the Madness. This effective music writing process is recognized by Brandon Flowers as a good thing he can feel during the pandemic. The Killers vocalist stated that he currently has enough free time and there is no need to go on tour. So the existing energy is utilized in the songwriting process.

Even so, the drummer from The Killers stated that overall, the album which will be released in August will offer something very different from the initiation of music that has been done by The Killers before.

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Something new from The Killers was born from experiments or experiments carried out to find harmony with the songs they had made last year. In addition, the presence of Dave Keuning back into the formation of The Killers also adds differentiating value. It is known that the guitarist for The Killers had taken a leave of absence since 2017 which had made it difficult to finalize the creative process.

In his latest album, it is also informed that The Killers want to release the flamboyant image that has been attached from several years back. The nostalgic approach to independent rock music in youth became the main concept of the formulation of this seventh album.

Many think that The Killers’ promotion of the seventh album is something that is less common. Because at the beginning of 2021, The Killers is still introducing interesting numbers that come from their sixth album. One of them is a song called C’est La Vie, as well as life and stripped-down recordings of Caution and Blowback.

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