Taylor Swift Agreed With Katy Perry In This Case

Taylor Swift along with Katy Perry in the event that took place in 2011 ago. In this event, They still on good terms.


Taylor Swift and Katy Perry did seem never appeared together in any event since last 2014. Both even reportedly involved in a fierce dispute. Public probably will not see them reconciled or agreed to anything.

However, in this case, Taylor and Katy proven compact and agreed. Reporting from E! News, Tuesday (21/06/2016), both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have signed a petition overhaul of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the US law on copyright electronic commerce and content providers.

According to Billboard, the petition which was designed by a music manager Irving Azoff did mention that Youtube and other technology companies to provide a safe means for the implementation of copyright infringement, reference is written in the DMCA. The petition mentions about the damages to be received by the singer and songwriter of the progress of these technologies.

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Album rumored to contain the aversion expression to Katy Perry.


The petition contains, “This has allowed the major technology companies to develop and produce huge profits by creating it easy for users to record songs in history through their smart phones, while revenue songwriter and singer continues to diminish.”

The petition also states that the consumption of music boomed not directly proportional to the revenue earned by the artists music. “The growth and support of technology companies should not sacrifice the artists and songwriters,” so the statement in the petition.

Not only Taylor Swift and Katy Perry who signed the petition, several other world-class musicians, like Steven Tyler and Lionel Richie also agree with the petition. Copyright law is considered to have expired considering such laws have not been updated since it was first established in 1998 by President Bill Clinton.