Irig Blueboard from IK Multimedia Review

Irig Blueboard IK Multimedia

Irig Blueboard – Thanks to the emergence of digital plugins for recording purposes such as Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Kuassa Amplification, JST, etc. has made it easier for us, especially guitarists to work. Because of these plugins, it is easier for us to record our ideas without having to go to a professional studio first. Not …

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STL Tonality Review, Andy James Version STL Tones Guitar Plugin

STL Tonality Andy James Plugin

STL Tonality – When you want to create the best guitar tone, you might think about the amount of hardware needed. Guitars, amplifiers, pedals (stomp box), and microphones are a series of must-have tools. But surely you are also aware that the row of tools will make the contents of the wallet thin. But don’t …

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Audio Plugin Formats: VST, AU, AAX, RTAS and TDM

Audio Plugin Formats

Audio Plugin means a tool to process digital signal (digital signal processing) in your track while it is recording such as send fx effect (send) or channel (channel). Common plugins that are often used usually consist of an equalizer, compressor, reverb, and delay. All of them can be an important part of the mixing process …

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