Orange Micro Terror Amp Review

Orange Micro Terror Guitar Amplifier

Orange Micro Terror – If at this time you need an amp with a small size but capable of producing a sound that is bigger than its size, the Micro Terror Orange guitar amplifier head is the answer. This head can be considered very small but can still be calculated. The Micro Terror is a …

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Positive Grid Spark Amp Review

Review of Positive Grid Spark Amp ELectric Guitar

Positive Grid Spark Amp – Technological advances that are comparable to the emergence of gadgets give rise to a new culture. Now, digital effects have become an inseparable part of the world of music. But sometimes, some guitarists are willing to shell out more for a single analog effects pedal compared to a multi-effects processor …

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Diezel Amp Head VH4 Review

Review of Diezel Amp Head VH4

Diezel Amp Head – Over the last few years, Diezel amplifiers have become the must-have amp of choice for some of the high-profile guitarists on the planet. Call it James Hetfield, Billy Corgan, and Matt Bellamy are three of the many people who have used this four-channel German amp. Peter Diezel who is the founder …

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