Steve Howe Guitar Story : Gibson ES 175D

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Steve Howe Gibson ES 175D guitar


Steve Howe turned the heads of many of his fellow guitarist in the early sixties by using what was widely regarded as a jazz guitar in a blues and rock format. He bought his Gibson ES 175D in 1964 when we was performing in a London based blues group called the Syndicats. Howe continued to use the Gibson ES 175D in his next three bands: Tommorow, a shortlived outfit called Bodast and, finally, in Yes.

“Although my first electric guitar were a Guyatone and Burns Jazz, the Gibson Es 175D was my first gibson guitar and represented the start of a long love affair with Gibsons.” Howe says. The guitarist used this particular ES model throughout his celebrated career with Yes, one of the most adventurous proggresive rock groups of the seventies. He used this classic instrument on such standout Yes tracks as “Heart of the Sunrise” and for the final solo in “Siberian Khatru.”

Howe fondly remembers when Bodast played a support gig with Chunk Berry at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, in 1969. “I got a chance to ask Chunk what he thought of my 175,” he recalls. “He picked it up, a lovel guitar.’ So i put the guitar back in the case and felt really good. Chuck Berry played my guitar!”