Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass IV Active Review

squier jazz bass iv active

As a sister company of the product Fender, Squier brand is adapting a successful product of the fender. Still look more economical, and does not eliminate innovation and character  attached on a fender.


The bass is quite unique product, because it has a design innovation that looks different, even though these products are in the mid-low class, or entry-level to semi pro. These products continue to take the design and legendary character of the fender jazz bass, from the body, the size and scale of the neck using maple material (C-Shape)

Not only that, this jazz bass also using a 4-saddle bridge and machine heads standard open gear tuners, then using 2 single-coil jazz pickups (neck and bridge) and some other things synonymous with jazz bass.

Products of this bass is an active bass supported by a 9 volt battery and use the active circuit to activate slap on or slap off. switching is becoming one of the fresh innovations in this product, but it also rarely possessed by the products of other similar bass.

Supported by 4 knob controls consisting of a master volume knob, knob blend, treble / bass (stacked) where there is a knob stacked bottom for the bass and upper for the treble,and also one knob for middle.


This product is challenging to be tested. before in our trial judge from some of the material that they use that this bass is not too heavy. Body and neck in a comfortable design that is useful enough to support playability when playing.

We tried it on a recording device with a direct way directly to the amplifier. And this bass also has good accessibility.

At the beginning of the test knob position in the flat position, but we turned the master volume in full in order to maximize the gain on this this bass. in general, the sound that produced indeed sound off jazz bass sound that tend to be bright and modern, not too wide and short sustain.

But it does not mean it can not maximal. By selecting or combining characters of the knob blend, bass / treble and middle, of course, it will get the expansion sound. You can get a softer low sound or a scent of old school jazz bass.

By clicking slap switch, audible will sound sharper, and gain increase. For slaping or any kind of modern rock music, the sound is quite useful.


Squier jazz bass active product is applying some innovation and maximize the economical raw materials, at an affordable price. This product is able to adapt to the various needs of modern music, especially that berkaratker such as fusion, pop and rock

Accessibility is good and comfortable playability is also becoming more value. And also modern-bright characters without losing the flavor of the legendary jazz bass sound


  • Series : Deluxe Series
  • Finish : Polyurethane
  • Body : Bassswood
  • Neck : Maple. C-Shape
  • Fingerboard : Ebanol, 12″radius
  • Frets : 20 medium jumbo
  • Pickups : 2 single coil jazz bass pickups
  • Controls : Master volume, blend, treble/bass,(stacked), middle, slap switch
  • Bridge : Standard 4-saddle
  • Machine Heads : Standard open gear tuners
  • Scale : 34″
  • Electronics : Active
  • Active circuit : Slap on and Slap off
  • Input : 1KHz 100mV
  • Battery : 9v

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