Schecter Nick Johnston Series – The Next Level ‘Strat’

Schecter Nick Johnston – Guitar with Stratocaster shape is one of my dream guitars. Since the first time I got to know this guitar model, the desire arose to have a guitar with a strat model. There are two series I want: the Fender Stratocaster which is the sunburst colored strap and the Fender SRV Signature Series.

At first, this guitar model was popularized by a guitar company called Fender. However, nowadays there are many guitar companies that produce Stratocaster models, such as Schecter Guitars, PRS, Yamaha, and others.

There was one guitar that caught my attention. Especially when I saw one of the products from Schecter, the Nick Johnston Series. When I saw this guitar, I judged that its image and look did have a legendary value that could be compared to its ancestor, the Fender Stratocaster.

Schecter Nick Johnston Series

Schecter Nick Johnston Series

Other than that, I see the sound has a new color from this guitar; it’s not just the twangy sound that I found. It turns out that in terms of sound character, you can say it has several voice characters that are the opposite of the Fender Stratocaster. In a good way, of course.

For example, Fender’s soft frequencies that seem to be “omitted,” are replaced with harsher sound forms with dominant High Frequency. The five ways switch pick-up and three single-coil pick-up are the basis of the Stratocaster model used in this Nick Johnston Atomic Snow guitar.

One of the most prominent parts of this guitar is the guitar neck which is in the shape of a C shape. I think this form will be more shreddy when compared to guitars with other strat models that we often find.

In fact, it can become a unique sound concept if we dare to use a guitar with a strat model in extreme music. Like a metal band from Bandung, Rajasinga who plays grindcore music using a strat guitar.

Although the shape of this guitar is considered a classic, this guitar has the ability to be more flexible to be played in various genres. Indeed, this guitar is not the main choice to be played in extreme music, but it can still follow when we set up on high gain settings.

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This guitar is sold at a pretty fantastic price: it is said that in September 2019 this guitar was sold at a price of 51 million rupiahs. Pretty fantastic for the price of a guitar. However, they have dared to guarantee that both in terms of hand feel and sound character, this guitar is very worth the price, or even more.

There are even some guitarist comments who think this guitar is a hi-end version of the Fender Stratocaster. Nick Johnston himself once said in an interview that his guitar (Schecter Nick Johnston series) could be included in a category that has several advantages over the Stratocaster.