Rihanna Wembley Concert Half Empty audience at London

Rihanna concert usually comes with crowds
Rihanna concert usually comes with crowds

The view is not commonly seen in the Rihanna’s Wembley Concert, London, on Friday (25/06/2016). Unlike the usual Rihanna concerts, the arena looks half empty audience.

Arena capacity of 90 thousand seats that looked less than half filled. Most of the audience gathered in front of the stage, while the seats in the stands are mostly seen uninhabited.

The Rihanna’s Wembley Concert incident was apparently a bad influence on the Rihanna’s mood. “She (Rihanna) looks a hurry to finish the song and everything feels fast. There is a dance for 10 minutes to fill the void when he went on the stage and no one knows the cause of it,” said a source at the Mirror.


Rihanna's Wembley Concert Half Empty
Rihanna’s Wembley Concert Half Empty

The audience in attendance was reportedly not satisfied with the performance of his idol at that time. “The audience was not happy with the show and there are so many empty seats,” the source said.

Various public response emerged through Twitter social media. Most of them feel astonished at the incident. “Why Rihanna gig at Wembley looked after empty? What are its best-selling?” said one of them

The concert is one of a series of Rihanna’s world tour titled “ANTI World Tour”. The world tour lasted from March 12, 2016 yesterday until 27 November 2016 later.

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