Review of NOFX New Single “Fuck Euphemism” From 14th Album

NOFX presents something new in 2021. The punk rock veteran unit from Los Angeles, United States, introduced a new single entitled Fuck Euphemism which is included in the number on NOFX’s latest album.

In January 2021, NOFX officially announced that they would be releasing their 14th studio album, titled Single Album. This latest album itself landed on February 26 yesterday. Pre-orders for the NOFX album have been open since early February.

There are 10 numbers presented by NOFX on the Single Album, namely The Big Drag, I Love You More Than I Hate Me, Fuck Euphemism, Fish In A Gun Barrel, Birmingham, Linewleum, My Bro Cancervive Cancer, Grieve Soto, Doors and Fours, and Your Last Resort.

Well, on February 3rd, NOFX introduced a new single taken from the album Single Album. Fuck Euphemism itself, according to the frontman, Fat Mike, takes the theme of criticism of politics.

NOFX Fat Mike

“We had to make a lyric video for this song because it’s probably my favorite lyric I’ve ever written,” Mike said in a statement. “Oh, how fun it would be to write a song that’s completely PC, but it sure doesn’t sound like it.”

NOFX has also released a lyric video for the song Fuck Euphemism. With a duration of 2 minutes 19 seconds, this lyric video presents animations of NOFX personnel interspersed with snippets of lyrics from the song.

The latest album from NOFX will be launched through Fat Mike’s label, namely Fat Wreck Chords. This album is the successor to NOFX’s 13th album which was released in 2016 with the title First Ditch Effort.

Recorded at San Francisco’s Motor Studios with musician Bill Stevenson and Jamaican athlete Jason Livermore, the recording was described as “unpredictable” and “most private” by NOFX to date.

The forthcoming Single Album was originally set to be a double record, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed the plans of NOFX which in March shared new songs for its fans behind closed doors.

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When you write a double album, you write differently. I write songs differently, and some songs are fun, but you have to make a double album that’s interesting enough to listen to all of it,” said Fat Mike.

“I wanted to make a perfect double album, and I didn’t achieve it. So, I decided to make one album, that’s the title (Single Album),” said Fat Mike.

Fick Euphemism is not the first single that NOFX has shared from his latest album. Previously in January 2021, NOFX launched a single titled Linewleum which featured contributions from Avenged Sevenfold personnel.

Linewleum’s single with a melodic punk style is actually a new version of one of NOFX’s iconic songs, Linoleum, which was the main song from NOFX’s 1994 album Punk in Drublic.

Fat Mike was inspired to record this song with a new version, including new lyrics after seeing so many other bands covering Linoleum’s songs. Therefore, in the MV for the single Linewleum, NOFX mentions that this work is dedicated to the bands who have covered their songs.

“I don’t know why Linoleum is the most covered NOFX song by other bands while other NOFX songs get almost no attention. Linoleum itself is not a single, there is no video, no radio playback, and most importantly, it doesn’t even have a chorus. While all popular songs have a chorus, WTF!,” said Fat Mike in a statement.

“So, one night I stayed up until 4:00 in the morning to check all the different versions (of Linoleum’s song) on ​​YouTube. Watching hundreds of bands from more than 28 countries (mostly Indonesia) play Linoleum was a chilling experience for me,” said the vocalist. NOFX.

“So I decided to write a song that’s a tribute to everyone who learns those four chords (songs) and remembers the lyrics that don’t rhyme. Then I asked the biggest band of all (Avenged Sevenfold) to play some guitar solos on the song. Then M Shadows (vocalist of Avenged Sevenfold) suggested that we make a video together,” he explained.

Before getting busy with the release of a new album, when the pandemic hit which caused much music shows to be canceled, NOFX had time to hold a small celebration in September 2020.

NOFX held a virtual concert event held in the backyard of the band’s co-founder, Fat Mike. The event entitled Weekend At Fatty’s – A One Night Three Day Weekend became a NOFX event to have fun with fellow musicians, such as Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Get Dead, to Avenged Sevenfold.

Apart from musicians, through flyers distributed through social media, NOFX also invited various comedy artists and graffiti artists to enliven the event which was held on 12 September.

At Weekend At Fatty’s – A One Night Three Day Weekend NOFX also brought a surprise by playing songs from his fourth album White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean for the first time since its release in 1992.

This album, released by Epitaph Records, is the first album NOFX has released after guitarist Steve Kidwiller left to be replaced by El Jefe. Together with Epitaph Records, NOFX managed to produce 7 full-length albums, starting with the second album in 1989 entitled S&M Airlines and the last for the Pump Up the Valuum album in 2000 which was NOFX’s eighth album.

As for NOFX’s debut album, Liberal Animation, the band released its album in 1988 through Fat Mike’s independent record label Wassail Records. Although released through his own record label, Brett Gurewitz as the founder of Epitaph Records and guitarist from Bad Religion also took part as a producer for the album.

Despite acting as a marker for NOFX’s career in the more mainstream music scene, in fact, Fat Mike feels that Liberal Animation’s album is the worst album in NOFX history. The album was eventually re-released by Epitaph Records in 1991 with a new album cover.