Radiohead Audio Failures at Coachella 2017

Radiohed audio failures at coachella 2017

Radiohead audio failures at Coachella 2017

One of the best English experimental rock band “Radiohead” performed at Coachella on April  14th, 2017 was spoiled by a couple of technical audio problems which forced Radiohead off stage twice.

Many buzzing sounds appears that makes the audience confused.

People hope that Coachella will learn about this problem because many audiences out there disappointed about this incident.

Radiohead opened his performance with “Daydreaming” a song from the Moon Shaped pool album.

During the 3rd song, a buzzing sound appears on stage for 15 seconds; later the sound disappeared.

After they out of stage twice, the show was completed with no further technical problems.

People were praised because they still completed their set although there are many technical problems. They keep it cool.

After all, Radiohead finished their 2-hour show without any further incident; closed with the encore(karma police).